Australian Solar Quotes

Australian Solar Quotes

It’s easy to get Australian solar quotes from true blue Aussie installers these days. Well, not always actually. You’d be surprised how much CAN go wrong if you get solar quotes from the wrong types of installers. If you use a solar broker service like Solar Proof though, you’re well and truly on the right track. Getting independent quotes helps you get a better price and using an independent agent (like Solar Proof) can help filter out dodgy dealers.

Australian Solar Quotes Ikea
This pic shows one of the solar installations on IKEA stores in Australia. IKEA are leaders in renewable integration in Australia.

Australian Solar Quotes – What To Look For

Solar quotes can vary substantially from state to state. Not only do the prices vary a lot, but the feed in tariff can also be wildly different depending on your local state policy. So what are the important things to look for with Australian solar quotes?

  1. ROI is more important than price – Many people fail to understand this. And this is where it can all go wrong. On one hand, you might get solar quotes that tell you you will have a Return On Investment (ROI) of 25%, but it turns out to only deliver 20%. On the other hand, making an informed decision depends on ROI. E.g. A cost of $10,000 which returns $2,000 per year is as good as a cost of $5,000 which returns $1,000 per year.
  2. Product quality is important – Nobody wants dud products. When you get solar panels that fail, you get trouble. When you get inverters that fail, you get trouble. Buy something good and avoid poor quality solar products.
  3. Comparing quotes isn’t always easy – If you can, talk to an independent expert about comparing your solar quotes. Products aren’t all the same and low price can be an indication of corner-cutting.

If you want local, expert Australian solar quotes, then use Solar Proof. Fill out our solar quoting form and get up to 4 different quotes to compare within a matter of days.

Australian Solar Quotes Installation
Here is a hard-working solar installer. One of the many in this growing Australian industry.

Australian Solar Quotes – What To Watch Out For

Well here are some things to look out for which are far too common in the solar industry:

  1. Door knockers – they’ll ask for an appointment where all decision-makers are present. Then they’ll give you an astronomical price (300% of “normal” pricing is not uncommon). Then they’ll slash and burn to get a signature on a contract. I’ve seen solar sales reps cut $5,000, even $10,000 off their prices instantly. This spells trouble. Know your rights and realize that you have a legal right to 10 days cooling off period for ANY door-knockers.
  2. Shady dealers – If a company tells you “this is a government program to let households get solar” that’s not strictly true and not really a lie. They are being dodgy in their sales methods and you should steer clear.
Australian solar quotes
This is a typical rooftop solar installation in Australia showing both solar (PV) panels and solar hot water being used.


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