BP Solar Panels Review

BP Solar Panels Review

BP Solar Panels… Are they any good? Do they still exist? Should you buy them? Well one thing’s for sure and that is that BP ceased it’s BP Solar company waay back in 2011. So if you’re wondering whether you should buy BP solar panels, I’d say you might have a hard time getting hold of them. If you do buy BP panels, I’d be suspicious that perhaps they’ve been sitting in a shipping container since 2011 degrading away.

BP solar panels review
BP solar panels… No longer producing panels

BP Solar Panels Overview

We all know BP is a massive petroleum company. “British Petroleum”, they’d be into solar panels right? Well they gave it a shot for a good 12 years but unfortunately it just didn’t work out. It seems that solar wasn’t happy to coexist with a fossil-fuel giant in this instance. So did they make some decent panels!? Well lets have a look…

BP Solar Panels – The Good

For their time, BP were a pretty decent panel. Unfortunately though, the company exited the solar industry, mainly due to rampant competition in China. So they were pretty good panels anyway. They even still rank in the Photon Test! With their 2013 rank coming in at #51 overall for their 220W panel. So they still rank, regardless of whether or not the company is still in operation as a manufacturer. Another good thing about them is that since they are a massive global company, you’re likely to still hold a valid BP solar panel warranty when you buy their panels. There panels were made in India, China and the US.

BP Solar panel installation
You often see this multi-coloured effect on Poly crystalline solar panels

BP Solar Panels – The Not So Good

Any company that is no longer actively involved in the industry is a worry. I would steer well clear of BP solar panels for the simple fact alone that they aren’t actively manufacturing panels. Although the panels have been ranking in the international Photon Test, the results are not fantastic. All in all, BP panels are ok, but there are better options on the market. There are many better performing panels most likely also many cheaper panels than BP.

BP solar panels factory
A BP solar panel going through the now defunct factory

This guy loves BP solar panels but most of what he says applies to every panel in the industry


Download the BP 175W Solar Panel Datasheet


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