Brisbane Solar System Buyers’ Top 10 Tips

Brisbane Solar System Buyers’ Top 10 Tips

Are you on the hunt for a “Brisbane solar system”? Well chances are you’re starting to find out that maybe it’s not as easy as it sounds to get solar panels!

There is a tonne of info out here on the inter-webs. A lot of it is no good 🙁

But, you’re in luck! You’ve found the place for Brisbane solar system buyers! A sort of exclusive sanctuary if I may say so. Except that it’s open to the public and not really a sanctuary at all. The point is, you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Are your questions something like this?

  1. Is solar worth getting?
  2. What are the parts of a solar system?
  3. What sort of solar panels do I need?
  4. How much money will I save or earn?
  5. What the f*** is an inverter and do I need one?
  6. Why does every company I speak to sell the “best panel in the world” but they all sell different panels?
crazy solar system buyer
This is how most solar system buyers feel when they start researching.

Fear not, friend! We promised you answers! But being true to the title of this article, we will answer all these questions (and more) in “top 10 tip” form:

Top 10 Solar System Buyers’ Tips

how brisbane solar systems work
Here is a little beauty. Showing how solar systems work. Courtesy of

Tip, the first: Solar is worth getting (if you get the goods)

So, as long as you get products that won’t give you a migraine headache down the track, you’ll be saving money, sipping lattes, eating your smashed avo and getting zero-dolla-power bills. That’s right, dolla. The bottom line is if you get a good solar power system, your future self will thank you.

Tip #2: Here is what makes up a solar system

You got 3 main parts, it’s not rocket science. It’s environmental and electrical science.

  • Part 1: The panels (the things that turn the magical sunlight into good old fashioned E-lectricity.
  • Part 2: The inverter (the thing that makes the power easy for you to use – without it you’d be doomed)
  • Part 3: All the rest of the stuff. Racking (fixes the panels to the roof), electrical cabling, flashings, screws, saddles. Sounds like a wild party.

Tip #3: But how does the solar system even work

God’s honest truth, nobody knows. It’s a bit like, what’s the ingredients of Vegemite. What you DO need to know is that your solar system IS in fact working. You should be able to read numbers somewhere telling you things like Eac, ETotal – engineer type things that tell you how much energy your system is doing. It works it each panel is producing power, the power goes through the inverter and into your energy meter. Nothing should blow up or catch on fire – this is a dead giveaway that the system is failing! Seriously this has only really happened on rare occasions and usually if inferior (unapproved) products and installations have taken place.

Tip the 4th: I need to know more about solar panels

Alright, look. You don’t NEED to know a lot about solar panels. In fact there isn’t that much to know. They are made from doped silicone. all of them. Some have slightly different properties. None of it makes that much difference. So if you’re like me and you don’t like headaches, but you DO like reaping rewards – just get a panel that’s decent. There are hundreds of them. Go look at our solar panel reviews page and familiarise with some panel brands. Just don’t go with the new cheap one please.

Tip #5: How much money am I going to get?

Hey let’s not get greedy. But it’s all about the money, I get it. This part is hard to work out. And in fact, our friends over at Solar Proof have dedicated their entire software to working out how much solar systems save! In short, for most people, we can take the short cut and get a good idea of how much we’ll save. It’s going to be roughly your system size times 340. That’s the dollar amount per year you’re likely to save.

So for a 5kW system, 5 x 340 = $1,700 savings per year.

This is by no means perfect. And by every means a dodgy guesstimate. But it’ll be close, trust me.

Tip #6: What’s an inverter

The short answer: who cares. It’s a box that essentially doesn’t seem to do anything. What it actually does is make the power “usable”. But it’s really not that exciting unless you’re an electrical enthusiast.

Tip #7: Make sure you get a good inverter

OK so we don’t really care what an inverter does, but we want a good one! Do you want a good engine in your car? Now you have the choice, buy a premium top-of-the-line European inverter or a dirt-cheap Chinese inverter that should do the trick. I’m not saying one is better than the other but quality usually speaks for itself!

Tip #8: Don’t worry about fancy junk

People will try to tell you all these crazy things matter. Like bypass diodes, micro-inverters, DC optimizers, all sorts of other stuff! Really this isn’t that important. Just get good quality products.

Tip #9: There are no “best panels in the world”

Except for the ones NASA make. Man they spend a mint increasing efficiency because in space every drop of energy counts like crazy. Down here it’s not so important. All the panels are basically within a 5% window of each other in terms of energy yield.

Tip #10: Go through my service because I need to make money

This website is all about giving you solar quotes through our partners. So use it! Head over and request quotes. You’ll get phone calls from experienced solar pros who can advise you on the best solar sytem in Brisbane.

Start here and request quotes





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