Solar Proof Inverter Ranking 2015

Solar Proof Inverter Ranking 2015

That’s right, we’ve been doing some numbers and working out the best inverters out there on the market today. It’s confusing to even seasoned technical experts. Which inverter should I choose? Should I buy a German inverter with my solar system? Are Chinese inverters bad? Let’s take a good look at some of the top Australian inverters.

Inverter Ranking Methodology

Inverters are the “heart” of any solar system. So it’s important to make sure you get a good one. But is paying $1,00 extra really going to buy you peace of mind? We’ve looked close and hard at the top 5kW inverters and done some metric comparative analyses to work out which ones are really the best. Here’s how we did it:

  1. We looked at inverter performance in recent Photon lab testing
  2. We looked at the operational voltage windows of each inverter
  3. We looked at the inverter tier
  4. We looked at the country of origin – it makes sense that some countries will have more reliable warranties etc. than others right?
  5. We only looked at 5kW inverters which were assessed in Photon labs 2013 inverter tests

From this information, we crunched it, mashed it, put it through tedious analysis, flattened it, re-inflated it and squashed it again just to be sure. Seriously though, we’re confident that this represents a good balance of what makes a good inverter.

NOTE: 1 measure we haven’t looked at here is pricing. It’s important to decide which inverter to buy not only on how efficient and reliable it is, but also by the value it delivers. E.g. If you get an inverter for $5 which only has 50% efficiency, you might say it’s better value than an inverter which costs $1,000 and delivers 90% efficiency right? So value is definitely another important consideration.

Also: We haven’t included micro-inverters in our rankings. These are a different type of system and should be tested in their own category.

What were the Solar Proof solar inverter ranking results?

OK well, here they are:

Download Solar Proof solar inverter ranking results

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