C-SUN Solar Panels Review (China Sunergy)

C-SUN Solar Panels Review (China Sunergy)

In this C-SUN Solar Panels Review we look at what makes China Sunergy a good company to choose when you go solar, and what’s maybe not so great about them.

C-SUN Solar Panels Review – China Sunergy Company Overview

China Sunergy is an enormous Chinese solar manufacturer. They have a huge production facility and 11 offices globally. They even have an office in Australia.

Contact C-SUN Australia: Tel.: +61 2 9238 2024 or Toll Free 1300 132 162.

CSUN are a publicly listed company and have done loads of massive projects around the world.


CSUN solar panels review
Here is the China Sunergy headquarters in China.


C-SUN Solar Panels Review – What’s Good About Them?

CSUN panels are really good for a Chinese panel in particular. They have a long history in the solar industry, and are also focused on R & D. Back in 2013, CSUN set a solar cell efficiency record! Not that this means much for performance. It just means they convert sunlight pretty well. Also, CSUN just recently (August, 2015) won the contract for a 14.5MW project! That’s 58,000 x 250W panels (assuming that’s what they’re using. Big numbers.

The price is also right with C-SUN solar panels – they are significantly cheaper than many other panels which have poorer performance!

CSUN solar facility
Here are some research workers at C-SUN

C-SUN Solar Panels Review – What’s Not To Love?

So the C-SUN Solar Panel performance is not as good as some others around. Here are their Photon test results:

  • 2012: #46
  • 2013: #61
  • 2014: #56

So in terms of actual performance, they’re not up there with the best. But they still aren’t too bad. What does this mean in practical terms? CSUNs results in 2014 were 4.1% lower than the top performer (Sopray). If you take the value of your kWhs as $0.26 (on the high side) then here’s what you get:

  • 5kW system performance (Sopray): 7,665kWh = $1,990 per year
  • 5kW system performance (CSUN solar panels): 7,350 = $1,911 per year

That’s a saving of $79 per year (very best case scenario). Woop! Take this over 30 years and you’re ahead by $2,370. But remember: a. these are “best-case” figures. b. the value of savings declines over time.

C-SUN solar panels aren’t the best there is, but they are still reasonable performers.

C-SUN solar panels review project
Here is a 100kW solar project in Australia using C-SUN panels.

C-SUN Solar Panels Information

Download the CSUN solar panels datasheet (CSUN250-60P)

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