Talesun Solar Panels Review

Talesun Thailand

Talesun solar panels – are they any good? Recently consumers are more focused than ever on getting a quality solar panel which is also reliable – and they tend to turn to tier 1 solar panels as the measure of “what’s good”. But is this right? Do Talesun solar panels stack up against the rest? … Read moreTalesun Solar Panels Review

Solax Inverter Review

Solax Inverter Review - Product Range

Solax inverters have been gaining popularity lately. Mostly due to the fact that everyone is fast becoming obsessed with solar battery systems such as Tesla’s Powerwall. Solax have hit the market exactly where it’s sitting. And they have a good product. This Solax inverter review will take a look at what products the company have … Read moreSolax Inverter Review

Sungrow Inverter Review

Sungrow Inverter Review

Sungrow are a large Chinese inverter manufacturer. This Sungrow inverter review will aim to assess whether or not the Sungrow inverter offers a good product at a reasonable price. On their international website, Sungrow claim to be the #2 inverter manufacturer globally by MW capacity. That’s impressive. Sungrow inverters are simple, flexible and robust. They … Read moreSungrow Inverter Review

Kyocera Solar Panels Review

Kyocera solar panels review - factory

This Kyocera solar panels review looks at what Kyocera has to offer as a company and how good their panels are. Are they all they are hyped up to be or can they not quite cut the cake? Kyocera solar panels review – Company background Kyocera is an enormous company. While Kyocera solar is a … Read moreKyocera Solar Panels Review

C-SUN Solar Panels Review (China Sunergy)

CSUN solar panels review

In this C-SUN Solar Panels Review we look at what makes China Sunergy a good company to choose when you go solar, and what’s maybe not so great about them. C-SUN Solar Panels Review – China Sunergy Company Overview China Sunergy is an enormous Chinese solar manufacturer. They have a huge production facility and 11 … Read moreC-SUN Solar Panels Review (China Sunergy)

DAQO Solar Panels Review

DAQO solar panels

Are DAQO solar panels any good? Who are these “DAQO” people anyway? And what do they have to offer when it comes to delivering a high-quality panel? Let’s take a look at this relatively new solar manufacturer and try to see what it’s doing right and maybe not so right… DAQO Solar Panels Overview DAQO … Read moreDAQO Solar Panels Review

Tesla Powerwall Review

tesla powerwall review

In this Tesla Powerwall review we’ll aim to give an accurate account of what this new unit will mean for the average Joe in Australia (and around the world). The world will move to self-storage methods. This much is almost unanimously agreed among energy experts. The question is, will the Tesla Powerwall be the “game-changer” … Read moreTesla Powerwall Review

BOSCH Solar Panels Review

BOSCH solar panels factory

This BOSCH solar panels review will look into whether these panels are (or were) any good compared to modern, Chinese solar panels. Ah BOSCH, the reliable, German-engineered, power-house brand of electrical gizmos. I can’t help but remember the BOSCH branded electric shaver my dad used to use. The brand is a huge one, and it’s … Read moreBOSCH Solar Panels Review

Energy Matters Review

energy matters head office

In this Energy Matters review we take a look at a number of factors that make a good solar company. Energy Matters are one of the largest solar installation companies in Australia. On top of their solar power installation business “Energy Matters”, they also own solar wholesaler Apollo Energy. Energy Matters was acquired by US … Read moreEnergy Matters Review