Tesla Powerwall Review

tesla powerwall review

In this Tesla Powerwall review we’ll aim to give an accurate account of what this new unit will mean for the average Joe in Australia (and around the world). The world will move to self-storage methods. This much is almost unanimously agreed among energy experts. The question is, will the Tesla Powerwall be the “game-changer” … Read moreTesla Powerwall Review

Energy Matters Review

energy matters head office

In this Energy Matters review we take a look at a number of factors that make a good solar company. Energy Matters are one of the largest solar installation companies in Australia. On top of their solar power installation business “Energy Matters”, they also own solar wholesaler Apollo Energy. Energy Matters was acquired by US … Read moreEnergy Matters Review

True Value Solar Review

True Value Solar review vehicle

True value solar… We’ve all seen the ads on TV. We know their prices are pretty low, but are they any good? Well of course if you want a cheap deal, you’ll be able to get that with True Value Solar. At least in the short-term. What any sensible decision-maker should be thinking about though … Read moreTrue Value Solar Review

Cola Solar Review

Cola Solar Installer

Cola Solar are a solar company based in Bendigo, VIC. It’s a family owned & operated business with a pretty decent variety of products and services, and a good history of solar installations. Company Age It’s a little hard to establish exactly how old Cola Solar are… Usually that’s the case when they’re not very … Read moreCola Solar Review

Solargain Solar Installer Review

solargain review

Solargain are a Perth based solar power and solar hot water installer. They have quite an impressive reputation as a solar installer within the industry and have heaps of commercial solar jobs under their belt too. With plenty of experience under their belt and good customer feedback, Solargain seem to be a pretty decent choice. … Read moreSolargain Solar Installer Review

Clean NRG Solar Installer Review

clean NRG review installation

Clean NRG are a Perth based solar panels installer. They seem like quite a decent solar company and have done plenty of jobs. Although their service area and company background is not as transparent as you might hope and their product range leaves a little to be desired. Overall they have a solid company with … Read moreClean NRG Solar Installer Review