Solar Proof Inverter Ranking 2015

BSPQ inverter ranking

That’s right, we’ve been doing some numbers and working out the best inverters out there on the market today. It’s confusing to even seasoned technical experts. Which inverter should I choose? Should I buy a German inverter with my solar system? Are Chinese inverters bad? Let’s take a good look at some of the top … Read moreSolar Proof Inverter Ranking 2015

JFY SUNSEED Inverters With Reactive Power Control

JFY SUNSEED Inverters under development at their Chinese headquarters

JFY are a truly advanced inverter company. With a background in UPS systems, it’s no wonder their newest JFY “SUNSEED” inverters are being brought in to tackle compliance changes. ENERGEX recently announced some changes to solar power systems as of July 1, 2014. Some of the changes were postponed to January 1, 2015. Reactive power … Read moreJFY SUNSEED Inverters With Reactive Power Control

Aurora Inverter Review (Also Known As ABB)

Aurora Inverter Factory

This Aurora inverter review (now known as ABB inverters) looks at the good ol’ Power-One Aurora (ABB) Inverter. This little Italian beauty has had a rep in the solar industry as a “premium” inverter for more than 5 years. Whenever I think of Aurora though, 2 things spring to mind: Back in my days as a … Read moreAurora Inverter Review (Also Known As ABB)

DC Optimisers VS Micro Inverters

dc optimisers micro inverter

DC optimisers are a pretty new solar technology. Solar panels give us dc power. We need ac power to run most appliances. So there is a need of a device which can change the DC power from panels into AC power. Such a device is known as an inverter. The voltage level of our grid … Read moreDC Optimisers VS Micro Inverters

Micro Inverters VS Central Inverters

micro inverter by solarbridge

Micro inverters are arriving and they are getting quite good. Which is better; micro inverters or good ol’ central string? Let’s compare between the 2 with no bias — just facts. Why Central Inverters Are Good Central inverters have been around for a long time. There has been lots of  time to improve these, to … Read moreMicro Inverters VS Central Inverters

The Best Solar Inverter

sma the best solar inverter

What is the best solar inverter? What makes an inverter good anyway and why is one better than another? Let’s take a look at it in a little more detail. What makes an inverter “the best solar inverter”? Power from solar panels can’t be used directly. Most home appliances work on AC power. But panels … Read moreThe Best Solar Inverter

AC Solar Panels (Panels With Micro Inverters)

AC Solar Panels

AC solar panels are fast becoming a trend. But are they worth the extra cost? Let’s take a quick look at what these panels are and whether they are any good. A Bit of Background… There are two types of electrical energy. During early times, direct current (DC) power was used. There were some advantages … Read moreAC Solar Panels (Panels With Micro Inverters)

What Makes Good Solar Power Systems?

What makes a good solar panel

One great big question when you’re thinking about going solar is “what makes a solar system one of the good solar power systems?” and the reason for this is: You hope to buy a good system that’s going to give you the best bang for your buck! Some questions we get asked are about solar … Read moreWhat Makes Good Solar Power Systems?