Top 7 Solar Panels Comparison 2018

solar panels comparison

You might have read our article on solar panels comparison last year. Here we compared 7 solar panels based on a number of different attributes such as: Temperature co-efficient Power tolerance Tier Photon test results Warranties This is a “fair” way to do a solar panel comparison – without getting too specific on price. The … Read moreTop 7 Solar Panels Comparison 2018

Tier 1 Solar Panels List Australia

You want to know about tier 1 solar panels? Well let’s have a little bit of a look. Tier 1 solar Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth – location doesn’t matter – our opinion on tier 1 panels is the same. That’s right, it doesn’t mean much at all. But, having said that, people get pretty excited … Read moreTier 1 Solar Panels List Australia

Good Quality Solar Panels

good quality solar panels being cleaned

Everyone wants their system to have good quality solar panels. A good quality panel can make a huge difference to how much power is produced… Or so we’re told. But how much of this is the truth? Do good quality solar panels make a real difference to how much power you save? And what makes … Read moreGood Quality Solar Panels

Yingli Solar Panels Review

some of the yingli solar panels crew

Yingli solar panels are known by most in the industry. And for good reason! Yingli is one of the largest solar panel manufacturers in the world. Of course Yingli panels (like most) come out of China and this is something that no one in their right mind would care about. I mean, you don’t want … Read moreYingli Solar Panels Review

Solar Panels For Homes

solar panels for homes

How do solar panels for homes work? Are there any special types of solar panels for homes? These are some of the questions we’ll aim to cover in this article. Solar power is derived from the sun. Solar energy has expanded so much that you now have many more options for use on a day-to-day … Read moreSolar Panels For Homes

Solar Panel Defects

solar panel defects

In this article we will discuss the impact on power output of solar panels due to solar panel defects. First we need to understand the concept behind a defect. A defect is a shortcoming or malfunctioning of something. What type of malfunction can arise in a panel? The overall output of a panel depends on … Read moreSolar Panel Defects

Solar Panel With Maximum Efficiency

SUNPOWER have solar panels with maximum efficiency

What is a solar panel with maximum efficiency? How do you get such a panel and when is it useful to have one? Surely a solar panel with maximum efficiency is of little benefit if it costs 10 x as much. Solar power plants require huge cost. Some important things to consider with solar panels: … Read moreSolar Panel With Maximum Efficiency

German Solar Panels

german solar panels BSPQ

German solar panels are controversial. Germany is among the world’s top solar panel installers. It has the solar peak power of more than 35 Giga Watts (GW). According to a research, German solar PV has provided more than 18 billion kWhs of energy in 2011. This amount is more than 3% of their total electricity … Read moreGerman Solar Panels

SERAPHIM Solar Panels Review

SERAPHIM solar panels parts

SERAPHIM solar panels are a premium solar panel made in China. These panels tick all the boxes and give you all you could ever want (almost) in a solar panel. Do they stack up against the “big” solar panel brands more well known to most people? Well it depends how biased you are… Performance One … Read moreSERAPHIM Solar Panels Review