Clean NRG Solar Installer Review

Clean NRG Solar Installer Review

Clean NRG are a Perth based solar panels installer. They seem like quite a decent solar company and have done plenty of jobs. Although their service area and company background is not as transparent as you might hope and their product range leaves a little to be desired. Overall they have a solid company with a diverse range of services and have very good customer feedback overall.

Company Age

This is a little hard to determine. Although this review post on shows that they’ve been in business since at least before November, 2010 which is a pretty good effort!

clean NRG review
Here is the Clean NRG shopfront in Osbourne Park (Perth).

Product Range

The solar PV products offered by Clean NRG (as of October 2014) are as follows:

Solar panel brands:

Solar Inverter Brands:

So it seems like they have a bit of a mix of the premium range products and some lesser performance stuff.

Clean NRG Review – Industry Memberships

Industry memberships are an important part of what makes a good solar company. It seems as though Clean NRG have a very limited solar industry membership range, only advertising their involvement with the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia (SEA).

Clean NRG Review – Solar System Pricing

It seems like Clean NRG offer quite good value for money. At least, their website leads us to believe that you could buy a SUNPOWER / Fronius 5kW system for $7,500, which is well and truly on the money.

clean NRG review installation
Here is one of Clean NRGs solar installations.

Clean NRG Company Diversity

Company diversity is not vital but it’s an important sign that a solar company has other interests and qualifications. Clean NRG offer solar hot water systems as well as solar power systems, which should enhance confidence at least a little bit. They also offer roof ventilation services, LED lighting and solar pool heating, which is great!

Clean NRG Reviews – Customer Satisfaction

According to, Clean NRG are ranked at 4.36/5 stars from 124 customer reviews (October, 2014). This is a very impressive score and it’s good to know that they have many satisfied customers.

Here is a video on Clean NRG

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Clean NRG Solar Installer

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