Click Energy Review

Click Energy Review

In this Click Energy review, we will have a look at some of the pros and cons of going with an online energy provider like Click. The good things being:

  • Claimed lower prices
  • Claimed “pay-on-time” discounts
  • No exit fees
  • The most generous solar Feed in Tariff in Aus
  • Online billing
  • Monthly billing
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And of course we’ll have a look at some things like:

  • Whether the prices are actually lower
  • What that feed in tariff is really worth
  • Is their service total rubbish?

A Quick Background on Click Energy

Click Energy started in Victoria and has been an electricity retailer in QLD since March 2007. Their major strength is in their uniqueness as an online based company. This, they claim, allows them to give you and me lower prices. Click Energy offer a good solar deal too. In fact, they are the best that we know of in Australia as far as solar goes. It seems like maybe they are pretty keen on solar – they were acquired by Nu Energy in 2012. It doesn’t seem to sway their legit offers though like some other retailers.

Click Energy Sample Bill
Here is a sample of an electricity bill from Click Energy.

What’s Good About Click Energy

I made the switch to Click Energy about 3 months ago now (March, 2014) and I reckon they are pretty good. Before them I was with Energy Australia which was a nightmare to say the least. So what’s good about Click Energy? Here’s a few reasons you might wanna switch:

  • They are pretty cheap – I have shopped around and Click give you a good deal – being online-based means that their overheads are way lower than their competition.
  • They seem very organised – Because all their systems are computer-based… It means you get your bills on time and it’s easy to pay them.
  • They have the BEST solar power feed in tariff in Australia (legitimate ones at least) – This can mean a big difference on your power bill. A friend of mine has a 5kW solar system on the roof and got a credit of $100 from Click Energy. He would’ve only got $60 from Origin Energy, or $0 from some other retailers.
  • You get a discount for paying early – it’s not over the top but it’s a believable, acceptable discount for paying on time.
  • Their phone support is actually pretty good – This was something I worried about but I reckon they are better than most other retailers (especially Origin) with their phone service and knowledge about solar.

OK, enough with the good – How are they ripping us off!

Click Energy Gold Award 2011
Click Energy got a “Gold Award” for having the lowest prices in the market in 2011. How do they stack up today?

What’s Not So Great About Click Energy?

Well, I wouldn’t say “ripping us off” I mean c’mon, their not all so bad are they? All you hard-nosed skeptics out their would disagree I’m sure. Well like any retailer, they have their down-sides:

  • They don’t do business premises (at least not yet?)
  • Electricity still costs heaps! Yes your bills will be less if they charge you less but still, I mean power prices are just ridiculous!
  • The “on-time” discount only applies if you pay on time. So that’s not the best thing right… But whatever.
  • Monthly billing – some people love it and others hate it. You decide.

So if you want an electricity retailer that is simple, and rips you off LESS than other retailers would – choose Click Energy. ESPECIALLY if you have got, or are going to get solar panels. I mean, if you can pocket an extra $40 – $100 every quarter, who wouldn’t do it?

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