Cola Solar Review

Cola Solar Review

Cola Solar are a solar company based in Bendigo, VIC. It’s a family owned & operated business with a pretty decent variety of products and services, and a good history of solar installations.

cola solar review logo
Colar Solar logo “the power is yours”. Sounds like something out of Captain Planet.

Company Age

It’s a little hard to establish exactly how old Cola Solar are… Usually that’s the case when they’re not very old. Cola Solar doesn’t appear to be an exception. A little digging around shows that the business name “Cola Solar” has been active since January 2010. They got their first review on back in May, 2011 Also handy to note, they weren’t at their current address (156-158 Strickland Rd, East Bendigo, VIC 3550) in Feb 2010 according to Google streetview (see below):

cola solar address
Cola Solar – their address back in Feb, 2010.
cola solar abn
The outcome of an abn search for “Cola Solar”


Product Range

The solar PV products offered by Cola Solar (as of November 2014) are as follows:

Solar panel brands:

Solar Inverter Brands:

Honestly, they don’t provide much detail at all on what products they use. The SUNPOWER and SMA combo is clearly one of the most “top market” solar power systems you could buy. But do they offer cheaper brands as well? Unfortunately I don’t have the answer to that one. The Selectronic SP Pro is what Cola Solar recommend for hybrid system, although I’m not sure why. In our experience the Selectronic range of hybrid or off-grid inverters are more complex and less versatile than the SMA Sunny Island range, and at about the same price.

Cola Solar Installer
One of the Cola Solar power installers.

Cola Solar Review – Industry Memberships

Cola Solar have some limited industry involvement. The only thing they appear to want their customers to know about is their CEC membership.Yes they are Clean Energy Council members, so I guess that’s something, but I’d rather have an installer with strong industry involvement than “minimum”.

Cola Solar Review – Solar System Pricing

Cola Solar don’t advertise their pricing on their website. It is clear, however, that many of their customers who have offered feedback from their experience have stated that they were the best price of other quotes they got. This is surprising due the the product quality advertised on their website. So either they are flogging some dirt cheap panels and inverters and not mentioning it. Or they have very good pricing.

Cola Solar Company Diversity

This is one of the more impressive things about Cola Solar. They have quite a broad range of services including:

  • Solar power
  • Solar hot water
  • Home ventilation
  • LED lighting

Cola Solar Review – Customer Satisfaction

According to, Cola Solar are ranked at 4.1/5 stars from 108 customer reviews (November, 2014). This is an impressive score especially for the number of reviews and it’s good to know that they have so many happy customers. They also host a bunch of testimonials on their website which is worth taking a look at if you’re considering going with this mob.

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