Solar Tendering & Comparing Quotes

Solar Tendering & Comparing Quotes

Why Should You Go Through Solar Proof?

When it comes to getting a solar tendering project done, Solar Proof Quotes are the experts. We manage the process from start to finish. We will even liaise with your project manager to collect the details and make recommendations on what you should be looking for. We then suggest the solar installers who we believe would be best fit to complete the job for you and let you decide from a range of easy-to-compare options.

Solar Power Tendering

For customers who want to start with the initial stages of a commercial solar power project. Our commercial solar power tendering and quoting service means you can:

  • Provide information about your job to our experienced commercial solar team
  • Get firm quotes on the project within a week or two, not months
  • Streamline the process and make it easier and more convenient for you to get what you want

What’s The Solar Proof Commercial Solar Tendering Process?

You can get your solar tendering job done with confidence through Solar Proof. This is an example of a typical solar power tendering process through our online quoting form:

  1. You submit the solar tendering project details through our commercial quote form
  2. Our expert Solar Proof commercial solar team analyses all the details provided
  3. We contact you to clarify all the details with you so nothing is missed
  4. We request interval data on your behalf if necessary from your energy retailer
  5. We get our commercial solar installation partners to submit a binding offer for your consideration
  6. You review your options and decide if you want to go ahead
  7. If going ahead, you choose an offer and we liaise with the installer to ensure the best possible outcome for you

Deciding On A Commercial Solar Quote

With the vast amount of information available on solar power, how do you decide on a quote? With Solar Proof, we do all the hard work for you and you can have as much or as little say in what type of system you want. So it’s whatever works for you. But no worries if you’re not technically minded. Some of the things we look at when analysing a commercial solar power quote:

  • Product quality
  • Warranties on offer for products, performance and workmanship
  • Reputation of manufacturers in the solar industry
  • Make & model of solar panels and inverters
  • System design and whether it is optimal
  • Physical aspects of system orientation

We look at all parts of your solar tendering project so that nothing is missed before we get quotes for you. This helps in many ways. Clarifying the job at the beginning takes the guess-work out of the project. Leaving you with an apples-for-apples comparison to consider when it comes to choosing the winning quote.

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