DAQO Solar Panels Review

DAQO Solar Panels Review

Are DAQO solar panels any good? Who are these “DAQO” people anyway? And what do they have to offer when it comes to delivering a high-quality panel? Let’s take a look at this relatively new solar manufacturer and try to see what it’s doing right and maybe not so right…

DAQO solar panels
A DAQO solar panel manufacturing facility. Presumably in China.

DAQO Solar Panels Overview

DAQO seems just like any other solar panel manufacturer. With its highly Chinesified website not even “DAQO solar” is present in the URL but rather DQ? No biggie. But what the frig! You can’t even find the solar panel information on their site. Rather just some information on their silicon product. Don’t get me wrong, the silicon looks impressive. But it doesn’t instill me with confidence when a solar panel manufacturer has no readily available information on its solar panels.

OK well heres a DAQO solar panels datasheet in case you need one since they don’t seem to be able to offer it from their own official site.

DAQO solar panels
DAQO attending a solar industry conference.

DAQO Solar Panels – The Good

From what I can gather, this panel just looks like a stock-standard Chinese panel. Nothing too special. Nothing too terrible. Not present in the 2013 Photon results and not highly impressive in 2014 – the good news is, they’re in the 2014 Test! They had a 235W panel which came in at #76 overall. At least they provide the standard warranty… They do have other sectors of involvement which is a good sign. As far as I can tell they are involved in the production of power station electrical gear and transportation technologies.

DAQO solar panels warranty
This “linear” warranty rubbish has to stop. I mean, has anyone in history ever claimed any solar performance warranty?

DAQO Solar Panels – The Not So Good

Well, there are plenty of better options to go with. DAQO give you everything you could hope for in a mediocre panel. It does the job. As such, you’d expect to pay far less for these than most other well-known high performers such as WINAICO, RENESOLA, JINKO, RISEN etc.

#76 is nothing to be hysterical about either way. It’s middle-ground for the Photon test 174 panels in 2014. I mean, it beats panels like sharp and suntech so it’s not all bad, but even a panel like Fluitecnik which nobody has heard of came in at 29th.

So overall, DAQO panels are ok. But consider that they seem like the type of company which aim to produce the lowest cost panel which complies with standards.

Also, I’d be a little worried about this news.

I tried locating their facilities on Google maps without any luck – using the information from their contact page. I’m sure they exist, although it’s frustrating to not know where. That’s it for this DAQO solar panels review.

If this video is anything to go by, DAQO are pretty freaking awesome…


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