Delta Inverter Review

Delta Inverter Review

In this Delta inverter review, we will have a look the traits of this (delta inverter) unit. We will also take a look at Delta as a company. Are Delta inverters any good? Are they German? And should you get a Delta inverter as the heart of your solar power system. Well, the first thing I’ll say about this company is that they are an enormous global electronics giant. Delta’s solar inverters are somewhat of an offshoot of their specialist electronics operations. It’s always a good thing to know that your inverter is built by a company with over 40 years of power and thermal management systems experience. Delta is relatively new to the Australian inverter market. You can see from their official Delta inverters website that they have vast expertise in almost all things electronic.

Delta Inverter Facilities

Delta have many operational facilities world-wide. Here are some Delta inverter related buildings:

delta RPI inverters
This is the facility where Delta inverters (RPI series for Australia) are made.
delta inverters test facility
Here is a test facility belonging to Delta
delta inverter factory - PCBs
Delta’s expertise extends beyond inverters. This is a PCB production facility.
Delta Taiwan
This is one of Delta’s Taiwanese facilities.


Delta Inverter Review - Factory in China
Here is one of the Delta facilities in China. Said to be a “green tech” facility.

There are dozens more facilities owned by Delta. As you’d expect from a multi-billion dollar company like this. One great thing about Delta is that they actively practice Energy Efficiency technologies at many of their facilities. They are also involved in donating green buildings to schools and the like.

Delta Inverter Review – Company Overview

As a company, Delta is as solid as they come. A global company like Delta is unlikely to have major problems in the future. This is VERY important when it comes to warranty claims (if required down the track).

Delta’s history is a little bit fuzzy to work out. After consultation with some of Delta’s Australian company representatives, we have determined:

  • Delta was started in Taiwan by Mr. Bruce C.H. Cheng in 1971.
  • Delta is a global company with hundreds of facilities
  • Delta inverters have been made in Thailand, China, Taiwan and Europe although Delta now makes their Australian RPI inverters in China

Delta’s company history is not all that clear and perhaps this is just because of the enormity of the company. Also the fact that Delta have been expanding rapidly for 40 years makes their history less than “simple”. Nonetheless, Delta inverters are a product which is backed by a history in power electronics, currently made in China (November, 2015).

Delta Inverter Review Solivia
The Delta Solivia is an older product no longer produced.
Delta Inverter Review - RPI
This is the new RPI inverter range offered by Delta in Australia

Here is a video of the Delta inverter

 Delta Inverter Review – What’s Good About Them?

Delta inverters do have a lot of good points. The size and background of the Delta Group company is a huge plus for them. They have a background in switch-mode power supplies. They also seem to have a stake in just about every type of electronics there is!! The company, they claim, employs 80,000 people worldwide. They also appear to have some pretty decent monitoring systems available.

Delta Group
Delta Group is a huge company. Here are their facility locations as published on their website – they make you dig for this one though.

Notice that they have an Australian office, with engineers you can talk to which is a huge plus! Their inverter warranty claims process is streamlined and probably the most pain-free that we’ve heard of!

Delta also have a hybrid solar inverter and battery bank!

Delta Inverter Review – What’s Not To Like?

OK well… For starters, their history is a little bit obscure – some sales people have actively marketed Delta as a German inverter (perhaps to compete with SMA?). Clearly Delta is not made in Germany although a lot of their R & D efforts were based in Germany and Thailand. Their website isn’t as clear as it could be about the range that they offer. This is always hard for inverter companies although they could at least put the kW rating of the inverter on it! They have both 3 phase and single phase inverters, most of which have dual trackers.

Here are a few things Delta could improve on:

  • Their website could be MUCH clearer about their products.
  • The RPI range is quite new, time will tell what their failure rate is like. With such an experienced company it should be quite good. Always comforting to know their claims process is quick and easy.
  • Some of their sales partners rely on pitching Delta as a “German” product to make sales. This is not the case, although the product itself should be easy to sell anyway!

Delta Inverter Review – Summary

All in all, this inverter is very good value for money. You get a unit which has been carefully engineered by a global electronics company. Although it’s not on par with some of the more expensive brands in our opinion, you will get a good inverter if you choose to get a Delta. You also have the knowledge that Delta Australia are close by to help with any problems you might have.

Delta Inverter Review On The Wall
Here is a Delta Solivia inverter (old range) installed on a brick wall.

Here is a Delta inverter brochure that explains some Delta inverter initiatives. There is also an inverter comparison in here which compares specs of Delta to that of SMA and ABB – Note that this information has been provided by Delta.

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7 thoughts on “Delta Inverter Review”

  1. Service not good.
    I have a Delta Solivia 2.5 and its 4 years old (I have the ticket) The Inverter gives a AC Relay Failure and is broken. Reset is not possible. There is a 5 year warranty on this product and it should work for 10 years. But the factory tells me the production date is 2010 and they have 66 months above the 5 years rule. So I don’t get warranty from them. The end consumer (me) cannot held responsible for the rate of turn over, is my opinion.

  2. Had 6kw system installed by C&E Solar (now out of business) 30 months ago, have received new replacement inverter under warranty (open circuit relay) (waited 2 weeks) since been swapped over sent faulty inverter back today 21/12/2016 now waiting on installation refund from Delta. All in all pretty stress free so far.

  3. I have two Delta Solivia 2.5 APG3 installed for my 26 PV having a total wattage of 6.02 kw. I export 20 kw of energy daily and used also the same amount for my home at 387 Alexander Drive, DIANELLA WA 6059. I am now looking to source a suitable hybrid and compatible 38v battery bank to conserve my 20 kw daily export energy so that I would not have to pay my electricity bill of about $215.00 for every 60 days. Please advise as to the best buy of any suitable battery bank and the necessary retrofit kit.

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