Energy Retailers & Solar Power

Energy Retailers & Solar Power

There are that many energy retailers these days. As soon as the government privatised the retail section of the electricity industry, every man and his dog now wants to sell power. So we wanted to give you the lo-down on Brisbane energy retailers and especially look at what they offer (if anything) for us solar power fans.


QLD Energy Retailers & Solar Power
The options for retailers in qld are a little staggering. But which energy retailers are the best when it comes to solar power?

What’s an Energy Retailer?

OK, we’ll get the basics out of the way first. An energy retailer is a company that bills you for energy. So it goes like this:

  1. Big company generates energy
  2. Big other company gets the energy to your house
  3. You use energy
  4. The energy retailer charges you for energy

Confused yet? Well maybe you should be. Electricity is a dirty business and there are enough different sections involved to make your head spin.

Who are the Energy Retailers in QLD?

Here’s a list I grabbed from the QCA website:

  1. AGL Sales Pty Ltd -131 245 |
  2. Click Energy – 1800 775 929 |
  3. Diamond Energy – 1300 838 009 |
  4. Dodo Power and Gas – 13 36 36 |
  5. EnergyAustralia – 133 466 |
  6. Lumo Energy – 1300 11 5866 |
  7. Momentum Energy – 1800 794 824 |
  8. Origin Energy Electricity Limited – 13 24 63 |
  9. Powerdirect Pty Ltd – 1300 307 966 |
  10. QEnergy – 1300 448 535 |
  11. Red Energy – 131 806 |
  12. Sanctuary Energy – 1800 109 099 |
  13. Simply Energy – 1800 009 147 |

OK, enough! 13 choices and either way you’ve gotta pay the power bill. So how are you going to know which one is right for you? Well if you’re obsessed with solar power like I am, you might go for the best deal offered to solar panel owners.

Here’s how the list looks now:

  1. Sanctuary Energy – 30c (As long as you buy solar through their expensive partners)
  2. Diamond Energy – 25c Feed In Tariff (As long as you buy solar through their expensive partners)
  3. Click Energy – 10c
  4. AGL Sales Pty Ltd – 8c
  5. Red Energy – 8c
  6. Lumo Energy – 6c
  7. Origin Energy Electricity Limited – 6c
  8. Powerdirect Pty Ltd – 6c
  9. QEnergy – 0c
  10. Momentum Energy – 0c
  11. Dodo Power and Gas – 0c
  12. EnergyAustralia – 0c
  13. Simply Energy – 0c

So, for solar inclined folk like us, it would appear that the best options are:

  1. Click Energy – 10c
  2. AGL Sales Pty Ltd – 8c
  3. Red Energy – 8c

Find out more about solar feed in tariffs (both state and retailer sponsored)

Yeah, not so much choice anymore right? I mean it’s not much of a contest really to me. As long as the rate you’re paying for power is the same. I mean would you rather get a $80 credit or $100 credit on your bill? It’s like asking if you’d rather have $80,000 or $100,000. That’s the same difference! So it can pay to go for the “top-dog” in solar feed in tariffs when picking an energy retailer and in this case Click takes the cake.

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