Fronius Inverter Review

In this Fronius inverter review we’ll go through some of the features of Fronius inverters. We’ll also take a look at the company’s rep and performance in any independent tests.

Fronius Inverters Overview

Fronius is a German, wait! Austrian company with a pretty decent history. Their original product focus was on battery chargers & welder transformers. They entered the solar inverter market in 1992 and have done extremely well. In recent years Fronius have surpassed their nearest competitor in Australia (SMA) and have become the “premium inverter of choice” for most solar installers.

Fronius inverter HQ
Here are some nice looking pictures with some Fronius-related stuff.

Fronius Inverter Models

Fronius have a pretty decent range of inverters on the market including:

  1. The Primo Series – Primo Fronius inverters are your standard inverter for households. Single-phase, robust and easy to install.
  2. The Symo Series – These are the 3 phase inverters from Fronius. Their range goes all the way up to 20kW
  3. The Galvo Series – This inverter series doubles as an energy management system. Cutting edge tech.
  4. The Agilo Series – These are their “utility” scale inverter series.
  5. The CL Series – These are another branch of commercial/utility and are expandable modules… Cool.

Why do most of the Fronius inverter series sound like their named after pets from the Herculian era? We don’t know. What we do know is that they host a pretty serious arsenal of nifty inverters.

Fronius inverter review models
Here we see the Fronius inverter range. They look like awesome jetpacks!

Independent Test Results

OK this is pretty important. Independent tests are cool because they aren’t biased… Not usually anyway. The 2013 Inverter test by Photon had some pretty good things to say about Fronius too. The 5kW Fronius TL inverter beat the SMA Sunny Boy 5000TL! And it was just behind Growatt’s TL 5kW unit. It got a “B” Grade (as of 2011) and held on at position 50 overall (includes all inverter sizes.

These are very impressive results. Any unit that beats SMA (the god of inverters) is doing very well indeed.

Fronius inverter
This is the Fronius IG Plus… Pricy but very nice too.

Fronius Inverter Review – The Good

So what’s good about the Fronius inverter? Well of course it depends on which model you look at. Overall they have a very impressive setup.

  • Austrian made inverters
  • Fronius has a background in other electronics technology as well
  • They have awesome-looking design (for inverters)
  • They have features galore and are up-to-date with all the latest energy tech
  • They had awesome independent test results in Photon
  • Their website looks cool!

Fronius Inverter Review – The Bad

What’s not to love about Fronius? Well the price tag isn’t that lovely. You always pay a few extra dimes for quality, but in some cases, Fronius take the cake and eat it. What am I on about? Well, for example, if you compare the price of 2 single phase SMA inverters with the price of 1 dual-phase Fronius, SMA is cheaper by a few hundred bucks.

Fronius inverter monitor
This is what the data-logger from Fronius looks like.

Review Summary

That’s about it though, if price were no obstacle, it would be a close call trying to decide between the Fronius and the SMA. Given that Fronius had a slightly better Photon result… And SMA has a much longer history, I’d probably give it to SMA.

Here’s the Fronius website if you want to take a squiz

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  1. I have a 6 kW system that was installed less than 7?years ago. The first IG 5100 failed after 2 years and was replaced under warranty. The replacement was here in a week. Now, less than 5 years later the new unit failed with the same problem- a power stage failure. Obviously, I’m not impressed with Fronius. Worse than that the company has been hacking me around for a month to replace it under warranty. The woman who handled the initial conversation with the electrician who is going to replace it did not forward the order to the appropriate department which wasted 2 weeks. After apologies she indicated thryvwiuld send it out 3 day shipping. B.S. It didn’t get here. Now Fter more delays it is due to arrive a week from today. I’m disgusted and will never buy another of their products again.

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