Solar Power Installers

Our hand picked network of Australia’s best solar power installers means you’re in safe hands. We rub shoulders with the top solar power installers in Oz who can offer YOU the best price for a top solar power system.

Our partners contact you about your needs and will help you with your solar quotes. Other solar power agents give your details to 10 or more people and you get bombarded with calls! Some don’t even tell you that you will get a phone call!

solar power installers
Solar power installers putting some panels flush mounted on a roof. Image thanks to SUNPOWER

Solar Proof give you what you’re after. If you want Australian solar quotes from the best solar installers around then you’re in the right place. We guarantee that you will get a maximum of 4, local solar power experts call you up. Each one of our partners are competing for your money — which means you get a ripper deal every time.

We want to make sure consumers get a great deal. Our services are all focused on making your experience with solar a better one.

Solar Proof solar power installers
When you use Solar Proof, you know you’re getting great solar installers to do the job.

What makes Solar Proof solar power installers better?

We choose our solar power installers with great care. We want you to have the best time possible when getting solar. So it’s only natural that we take care about who we do business with. Our solar power installers:

  • Have full CEC accreditation
  • Have an exceptional track record of solar installations
  • Are reputable in the industry

Our solar installer certification rankings help you know which installers have met our criteria.

solar installers Australia
It’s a good idea to make sure any solar installers that do your job have experience with your type of solar installation.

What to watch out for with solar quotes

Solar has had some bad press. A bit like the home insulation scheme, the big solar rebates attracted some dodgy dealers. Here are some things to look out for when choosing your solar power installers:

  • How many years they’ve been doing it – This can mean you get someone who knows what they’re doing as they are veterans in the field
  • Clean Energy Council approved – check to make sure the installer you choose is on the CEC list of approved installers
  • Dodgy dealers – In the past, some dodgy dealers have taken loads of deposits for solar power systems and claimed that they need a certain amount before they can get a shipment. The next thing you know the business is bankrupt and the director lives in the Bahamas. Make sure your chosen installer has a good rep online.

What do Solar Proof Quotes do?

In a nutshell, we’re like a solar broker. If you want to get specific, here is some of the stuff we offer:

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