Getting Solar Panel Quotes – 7 Things You Should Know

Getting Solar Panel Quotes – 7 Things You Should Know

Solar panel quotes are a dime a dozen. It seems like sometimes, everywhere you look you are bombarded with advertising from solar companies trying to give you quotes. What are we talking about? When we talk about “solar panel quotes” we are actually meaning “solar power quotes” in general. Since there are different types of quotes and parts of a solar power system, just thought it’s good to clear that up.

solar panel quotes installation process
Ask questions about your solar installation process and know the details before deciding on a quote.

7 Things You Should Know About Solar Panel Quotes

Thing 1 –  A solar power system or solar “PV” system has a few different parts:

  • Solar panels (usually 24 panels or less for a domestic home)
  • An inverter (sometimes more than 1 for large systems)
  • Racking for the panels
  • Wiring & other bits & pieces

Thing 2 – Know your solar company

It pays to find out more about a company before deciding to go with a quote. Not all solar companies were made equal and you should be confident the one you choose will give you great service

Thing 3 – How much will you pay for solar panel quotes?

Almost without exception, quotes are free. But how much should solar cost and are the quotes you get “in the market” range? Click here for more on solar power system pricing

Thing 4 – What makes a good solar panel?

There are HEAPS of things to consider if you want to get the “best” panel available on the market. The good news is if you’re willing to settle for “a good panel” there are heaps of brands that fit the bill. Here is a list of Solar Proof recommended panels and here is a list of 7 good panels sold in Australia

Thing 5 – Should you buy an expensive inverter?

The short answer is “maybe”, but it’s not a very good one is it? If you plan to be in your house for more than 3 years, then it’s worth investing in premium SMA brand, or other European inverters

Thing 6 – Sales hype is rife in the industry

Expect to have sales-people telling you all sorts of things and take everything they say with a grain of salt.

solar panel quotes salesman
Solar sales people can be very persuasive. Resist the temptation to “sign now” for an instant discount and make it clear you will take your time to decide.

Thing 7 – It pays to be ready

Only get solar panel quotes if you’re ready to buy if you find the right deal. Know what you want, have a list of questions for each salesman you encounter and have a method of comparing them so you can decide in your own time.

solar panel quotes
Know what you’re in for before you get solar panel quotes.

Getting Solar Panel Quotes

Of course, Solar Proof is happy to be able to help you get solar panel quotes. We make it that little bit easier for you by only considering quality installers who will get in touch with you to arrange a quote. You don’t have to do anything but sit back and compare quotes from quality companies.

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