Gold Coast Solar Quotes – Solar Energy Experts | Solar Proof

Gold Coast Solar Quotes – Solar Energy Experts | Solar Proof

What’s the best place to get Gold Coast solar quotes? Solar Proof (duh). Our network of quality solar installers means we’ve done the work. We’ve filtered the list of hundreds of Gold Coast solar installers down to a select few so that you have the power to choose from the best options.

What’s covered on this page:

  • Solar Panel Options
  • Inverter Options
  • Gold Coast Solar Battery Options
  • Gold Coast Solar Installer Options
  • How Much Will Solar Save (Gold Coast)
  • Bang versus Buck

Even the City of Gold Coast is getting on board with solar check it out

Here’s the broadbeach parklands solar installation:

gold coast solar

gold coast solar installers
Solar installer properly wearing a harness. Hard hat is a bit much.

Gold Coast Solar Panel Options

The Gold Coast is home to lots of things including sunshine and fake tans. Like everything on the Gold Coast, solar panels come in a wide range.

Bottom Solar Panel Choices

xingsjjung wei sun sky jingning – with no intention of being racist, if you see a solar panel named like this, steer clear! Unless it also has an English name, you’re highly likely to end up stranded trying to call a Chinese factory to claim warranty on a panel that failed after 9 months!

Rule of thumb is if you can’t pronounce the solar panel brand, you probably shouldn’t buy it.

Tier 2 Solar Panel Choices

A tier 2 panel is hard to find (mainly because none of them want to fess up to being tier 2). It doesn’t sound good. Even though tier 2 panels may in fact be better than tier 1!

There are loads of tier 2 panels on the market although it’s hardly surprising that since consumers tend to love buying things that claim to be “tier 1”, the market is flooded with “tier 1” options.

Premium (Top) Solar Panel Choices

Not just tier 1 panels (see the full list here), the best options for solar panels in fact have also got proven performance and top warranty processes in place.

Here are some good Gold Coast solar panel choices:

  • ET Solar Panels
  • Jinko Solar Panels
  • LG Solar Panels
  • Q Cell Solar Panels

All of the above are both tier 1, and have a proven record of excellent performance in the field.

solar panels Gold Coast mono
Mono solar panels are also around but usually cost more and aren’t much better.
poly solar panels gold coast
Poly solar panels are the most common type on the Gold Coast today.

Gold Coast Solar Quotes That Deliver

Getting good Gold Coast Solar Quotes is about choosing:

  1. An A-grade solar installer
  2. A reliable inverter
  3. High quality, high-performance solar panels

Choosing An Inverter

The inverter is your solar system “heart”. Choosing a good inverter makes a world of difference to your long-term results. There are heaps of options on the market but here are the categories of solar inverters available to Gold Coast residents:


These are Chinese inverters (that know they are Chinese). In many cases, there is nothing wrong with them (although brands differ greatly). Here are some examples of good Chinese inverter brands:


These are Chinese made inverters that think they’re European – or have some Euro-attribution marketing tactics at play.


These are the top inverter brands and are indisputably made and designed in Europe.


Gold Coast Solar Battery Options

gold coast solar quotes mansion
Are solar batteries just a dream for the rich Gold Coast mansion-dwellers?

There has been a lot of talk about batteries being coupled with solar power systems. It’s on the tele, in the news, getting a lot of press. It’s an exciting topic to think about – independence from the monolithic power networks! But it’s not a good idea. Financially it’s about as good as putting your money in a term deposit. Except that there is more that can go wrong. Plus you’re still going to have to pay some power bill in most cases even if it’s $100 a quarter (ahh remember the days when this is how much a power bill was!? Getting older I guess).

Will A Solar Battery Save You Money? No.

Should you ask for battery options with your Gold Coast solar quotes? Yeah sure, if you’re curious. But don’t expect something that actually makes financial sense!!

A typical ROI (Return On Investment) for a solar + battery system is less than 10%. And that’s with solar pulling the other way! Meaning, solar return is typically 25% (sometimes better). So to pull it back to 10% by adding a battery, the battery on it’s own is usually around the 5% – 8% ROI mark. It’ll cost you $7,000 and it’ll return about $480 a year if you’re lucky.

Gold Coast Solar Installer Options

gold coast solar shade
Shaded panels aren’t going to save any money! Get an installer who knows to avoid shade.

Don’t go with a cheap solar installer. I’m at my wits end. People ask almost daily about $4000 for a 6.5kW system. No. Cheap means:

  • Small one-man band – not necessarily anything wrong with choosing this
  • Cheap equipment (can be dangerous as we’ve seen in many cases)
  • Fast job (subbys get paid on a job-basis and don’t have time for attention to detail)
  • Headaches with equipment failure
  • Poor installation quality most of the time

What do you gain from a cheap Gold Coast solar installer?

Imagine you pay $3,500 as apposed to $6,500 for your system. You pocket a neat $3,000! Straight away, that sounds appealing to many people.

$3k and you risk all of the above (all highly likely consequences of your choice). In many cases, a quality solar system will return $3k in savings in around 1 year and 4 months. So that’s what it’s all about, 1.5 years and you get a top-quality system. That’s nothing in the life of your system (25 years)!

The worst solar installers on the Gold Coast

There are some bad Gold Coast solar installers out there. But don’t risk finding out the hard way. Request Gold Coast solar quotes through us now and we’ll get you in touch with some top tradies.

Picking a good Gold Coast solar installer

When you request solar quotes through our site, we give you a free guide to help you pick a good installer. Some things to look for:

  • Price – get good quality and go with someone decent
  • Someone experienced who has done quality work
  • Someone who has been around for 3+ years minimum and will be around to help with any issues
  • More details in our free report

How Much Will Solar Save?

gold coast river
The Gold Coast is a beautiful place. Use the sunshine – start by getting solar quotes!

Savings may vary!!! “Rule of thumb” solar savings for the Gold Coast is $280 per kW, per year.

Gold Coast Solar Quotes – savings explained

The savings above assume an “average” rate of return of $0.18/kWh. This includes peak savings (about $0.26) and exported solar energy savings (about $0.06).

This also assumes about 60% of the solar energy you are able to use, and the other 40% you “export” to the grid for 6c.


Bang Versus Buck Versus… Bang?

Just to reiterate, getting a cheap Gold Coast solar system is likely going to be more “EXPENSIVE” in the medium – longer term than dishing out a slight bit more for a decent system. But another thing to consider – don’t pay too much!! There are sharks out there who charge DOUBLE what a normal solar business charge. Think about that. Regular profit margins are 30%. If they charge double, they’re profiting 130%!! Rule of thumb for pricing is $1/W. So a 5kW system for $5,000 is a good deal.

Gold Coast Solar Quotes – weighing up options

Request Gold Coast solar quotes using our expert service now. This is by far the best way to ensure you get a great solar system at a good price from a reputable Gold Coast solar installer.


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