Growatt Inverter Review

Growatt Inverter Review

This Growatt inverter review looks at the good and the bad of the Chinese units and hopefully helps you make up your mind if you’re looking at buying one. Growatt New Energy Tech is one of the leading Chinese inverter makers in the world and the have a strong presence in Aus as one of the leaders in the sector. Although Growatt has only been around since 2010, they have proven themselves as a leader in solar power tech, even rivaling the quality of Europes famous brand names Aurora and SMA.

Growatt Models

The Growatt models most often used in Australia are:

  • SUNGOLD (single input)
  • GROWATT MTL (dual input)
Growatt Inverter Review Sungold
The SUNGOLD is an awesome Chinese model by Growatt. A great little workhorse with good results.

These are just the products for solar at home, used in solar power installs of 6kW and under. Growatt does also make a range of inverters for larger systems which gives their business even more browny points. The SUNGOLD has limited features and is not the most good looking on the market. This unit comes in a 1.5kW, a 2kW, a 3kW and a 5kW. With a max efficiency of 97.8% though, it is a very good performer and also a robust unit.

Growatt Inverter Review MTL
The GROWATT MTL is a gem. This is one of the best that money can buy and it will save you around $1,000 compared to some of the European models.

The GROWATT MTL is a step above the rest. As far as Chinese made inverters go, this is one of the best you can get. It looks great, it works great, it performs great. It also has the ability to use Bluetooth so you can monitor your solar power. It won’t keep you awake at night either, with a low 25dB max noise output and has no moving parts in its cooling system.

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Growatt Inverter Review – Strengths

Growatt have created an inverter that’s capable of rivaling the big Euro made brands at a fraction of the price. The Growatt’s strengths are in it’s efficiency. Growatt performs well in the Photon inverter test every time – with it’s 5kW MTL out-ranking ALL other 5kW units. It beat SMA, it beat Aurora, it beat Tranergy, K-star, Kaco, Samil – ALL of them were beat by the 5kW MTL by GROWATT. And yes, this is the 2013 Photon test we are talking about.

Growatt Inverter Review – Weaknesses

Well it’s always a weakness to be made in China if you are a solar product. Some people have heard that many bad things about Chinese inverters being rubbish, not working, even CATCHING FIRE! But the Growatt is no such piece of rubbish! It is a precise, ‘state of the art’ piece of solar machinery that will not let you down. The biggest weakness of the Growatt is the design – some people want their inverters to look good! Not only that though, Growatt does not have the same support network as the likes of SMA and although the company is quite good, it couldn’t rival the Germans.

Growat Inverter Review – Is It Any Good?

The Growatt is a beauty. If you’re on a budget and you want something good that’s made well and is going to perform… Get the Growatt! But if you do get a Growatt, go with an MTL. They give you a heaps better product and only cost a fraction more.

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