Growatt Shine Vision Monitor Review

Growatt Shine Vision Monitor Review

The Growatt shine vision monitor is the answer to missing solar savings. For people who’ve got a Growatt, you probably haven’t noticed it in the last 6 months. It steadily purrs away doing it’s job nicely. But… It pays to have some peace of mind too… Literally. You need to know if something goes wrong with your solar power system so that you don’t miss out on savings. That’s where Growatt’s shine vision monitor comes in.

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Growatt Shine Vision Monitor Features

Here are some features of the Growatt shine vision monitor:

  • Compatible with any Growatt inverter
  • Can monitor up to 6 inverters!
  • Simple installation
  • Audio alarm in case of errors
  • Low power consumption
  • 30m range
  • 13 month warranty from Growatt
Growatt Shine Vision Monitor
This is what the Growatt Shine Vision Monitor looks like.

This unit is great. I mean the JFY Solar Dog has some features which make it slightly better as a monitor, but the Growatt shine vision monitor does it’s job well. One thing this unit does well is it keeps all the data. That’s right, it stores the data. Some of the things the shine vision monitor looks at are: AC voltage, PV voltage, daily yield, monthly yield and total yield.

Good Things About The Growatt Shine Vision Monitor

Yes it shows what your solar panels are doing. It tells you if something is wrong and it gives you a historical record of what your panels have generated. This comes in handy. Remember all those “performance warranties” you got when you bought your system? Well how would you expect to take advantage of them without at least a basic monitoring setup to tell you something is wrong?

What’s Not Great About The Growatt Shine Vision Monitor?

This little beauty does almost everything you want it to. The only thing it won’t do is make you a coffee in the morning. I guess the only criticism is this:

  • It doesn’t monitor your consumption
  • It’s not made for internet data connection

That’s about it really. The Shine Vision monitor is a great tool that every Growatt user should have. It could save you heaps of money. Just having it in your house and looking at it makes you more careful with your power use.

What About Some Specs Mate?


Inverter Communication Wireless radio frequency
Number of inverters Max.6 units
Communication range

Partition communication

Power supply


Input: 100-240V~50/60Hz AC, Output: 5V, 0.1A DC
Type 5 x AA alkaline batteries
Environmental conditions for operation


-10℃ ~ 60 ℃


-10 ℃ ~ 50℃


Protection IP20
General Data

Dimensions (W / H / D) in mm

217 / 150 / 70



Installation site


Deployment options

Desktop device

Language versions




LCD display



Warranty 13 months

Information displayed

General Information

Time, date, temperature


AC voltage, PV voltage,
real time power, daily yield,
monthly yield, total yield etc.

Here you can download the Growatt Shine Vision Monitor Operation Manual

Here is the official Growatt website

Want to buy a Growatt Shine Vision Energy Monitor?

Click “Add To Cart” below and get one now for $149 including FREE fast shipping within Australia.

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