How much is a solar panel?

How much is a solar panel? I need to know now!

Too often people dive into this type of question without considering other key things about solar panels. Everybody wants to know how much solar panels cost before they buy. But what about how good a solar panel is and how much a solar panel will actually save you anyway!

Enough with the preamble, let’s get to the point.

how much is a solar panel?

Solar Panel Costs In Australia

Solar panels have come down a lot in price. When I was a wee lad, I recall me pa buying an outrageously expensive solar panel system to power our bush house lighting. It cost an absolute fortune. Gone are those days. Panels are so cheap now you might even say they are “cheap as chips”. OK rambling again, got it…

250W Polycrystalline panel price range: $0.67 – $0.89 /W

250W Monocrystalline panel price range: $0.78 – $1.11 /W

So on the lower end, “poly” solar panels are around $170 each, while monos are more like $195. On the higher end, you’ve got polys are around $225 and monos at $280 each.

What’s the difference between poly and mono you ask? Not much. Monos are just more expensive because they are harder to make. Gotta slice up an ingot of silicon. Tricky business that.

Then how much is a solar panel which is like, the best?

OK so there are panels out there which “break the sound barrier” so to speak – in terms of their efficiency. This is just overkill and nobody in their right mind would consider these “ultra” panels as an investment. I’m talking massive 20%+ efficiency.

A high performance solar panel would cost anywhere between $1.35 – $2.20 /W. That’s up to $550 for a 250W panel!


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