JFY Inverter Remote Solar Monitoring

JFY Inverter Remote Solar Monitoring

Remote solar monitoring is becoming very important. If your system isn’t working and you don’t know about it, it can cost you big dollars. The JFY Solar Dog Monitor is one way to keep your eye on how the solar’s doing. But if you want something a bit more thorough… Or if you want to check out what your solar is doing if you’re not at home…. Then you might want a remote solar monitoring system. One you can use on your phone too? JFY thought this was a good idea too.

JFY Remote Solar Monitoring Wifi Kit
This is the data logger module of the JFY remote solar monitoring wifi kit.

How Remote Solar Monitoring Works

So remote solar monitoring is almost the same as “local” solar monitoring. The only real difference is that a remote system will put all the information on the internet so you can see it from anywhere. With the JFY system, there are a few ways to get this job done:

  1. A JFY wifi plug – this little unit just plugs straight into your inverter. After a bit of simple IT setup, you’re on your way! It all goes through an online “solarman” portal so you can check your solar from work.
  2. A wifi kit – this is a little router-type unit. It connects to your inverter/s on one side and to the internet on the other side. It does the same job as the wifi plug, only you can connect multiple inverters. It also has other features.
  3. A GPRS kit – don’t have internet access? Well there’s an answer to that as well. It’s exactly the same as the wifi kit except it uses a SIM card to send the data to the “solarman” portal.
JFY Wifi Kit Diagram
This is a diagram of the remote solar monitoring wifi kit.

Is Remote Solar Monitoring Worth It?

The short answer is yes! If your system goes down, you want to know about it straight away!! Not 3 months later when you get a $1,600 power bill! Besides that, you can store about 25 years of data with these systems. That’s freakin’ handy when you’re a 106 year old grand parent and you go to make your solar panel warranty claim. How else are you gonna know if your panels aren’t performing at 80% anyway? Get up on the roof with the fluke meter grandpa!

JFY Wifi Plug
This is the Wifi plug that allows remote monitoring on a single inverter.

What’s Good About JFY Remote Solar Monitoring?

Well I gotta say… I’m a fan of JFY but they’ve blown me away with this. Their systems are sophisticated and they’ve thought about everything. I mean, the JFY Solar Wifi Kit can monitor up to 64 JFY inverters! So it’s awesome for solar farm type applications as well.

Here are the main good points:

  • Remote monitoring – saves you money
  • Apps for iPhone and Android – allows you to become obsessed
  • SMS and email alerts if your system performs poorly for some reason
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to setup

What’s Not Great About The JFY Remote Solar Monitoring?

Well, it’s a little confusing to begin with! But that’s just a symptom of IT mixing with my brain I think. It’s easy enough to setup. Apart from that, it ticks all the boxes really. Can’t complain at all!

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2 thoughts on “JFY Inverter Remote Solar Monitoring”

  1. I have a 5 kw conext inverter with a rs485 female com socket

    I wish to monitor through solarman

    what kit / wifi plug do you recommend

    ps one 5kw array is already wifing to solar man this inverter is a solax

  2. Hi Each
    I have a JFY Wifi-Plug.
    My problem is when I was changing the admin password the “system”crashed, I now cannot access the Wifi-Plug!!
    Anyone know of a way to reset the password??

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