JFY Solar Dog Monitor Review

JFY Solar Dog Monitor Review

The JFY solar dog monitor is a nice little unit that gives you a way to see your solar from inside your house. This simple little unit gives you a heap of info about your solar power system. It means you actually know if something goes wrong so you don’t waste 3 months worth of solar. Then you find out when you get a shock-horror power bill!!

JFY Solar Dog Monitor Features

Here are some features of the JFY solar dog monitor:

  • Compatible with any JFY inverter (Produced after December 2012)
  • Can monitor up to 5 inverters!
  • Error indicator
  • Warning buzzer
  • Works up to 100m inside a building (Each wall halves the distance – e.g. 2 walls = 25m range)
  • 2 Year warranty from JFY
  • Easy to use

This thing is brilliant. I mean, if you want to make sure your JFY solar system is working properly, but you don’t want to trudge outside or into the garage every day to check the thing, this is perfect. The JFY solar dog monitor makes the JFY inverter range that much more appealing.

JFY Solar Dog Monitor Review
The JFY Solar Dog and the wifi plug that goes into your JFY inverter.

Good Things About The JFY Solar Dog Monitor

Well for one thing it shows you what you’re solar is doing. If you are unlucky and something goes wrong then you NEED this. It could save you hundreds of dollars. It’s also a great visual setup. When you can see from inside your home that you’re solar is pumping, then you know when to use power. The solar dog is good looking, easy to use and informative. Not only that but it tells you if something is wrong.

JFY Solar Dog Monitor Review - Labelled
Here is the JFY solar dog monitor with each part labelled.

What’s Not Great About The JFY Solar Dog Monitor?

This little beauty does everything you want it to. The only thing it won’t do is make you a coffee in the morning. I guess the only criticism is this:

  • It doesn’t monitor your consumption
  • It’s not compatible with non-JFY inverters


I have to say that although the solar dog is a great little monitoring system, JFY only recently let us know that it’s not compatible with ALL JFY inverters. A JFY solar dog monitor will NOT work with:

  • JSI series inverters made before Dec 2012
  • SUNTWINS inverters made before Dec 2013

That’s about it really. This is a great tool that every solar user should have. It saves you money. Just having it in your house and looking at it makes you more careful with your power use.

Here you can download the JFY Solar Dog User Manual

Here is the official JFY website

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  1. I have two solar dog monitors and one will not change time and the reading is were its time
    stopped it is still under warranty
    bill walton

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