JFY Wifi Plug Solar Monitor Review

JFY Wifi Plug Solar Monitor Review

The JFY Wifi Plug is something that every solar inverter NEEDS. Like its solar dog cousin, the JFY Wifi Plug monitors your solar. The good thing about this little unit though, is that it hooks right into the internet to upload your data. It can store tonnes of data. Also, you can view your solar production from anywhere in the world! This thing is brilliant and I can’t flaw it.

What is the JFY Wifi Plug?

The JFY Wifi Plug is a product that plugs into your JFY inverter. With a little setting up, all your solar data goes straight to the internet where you can view it.

JFY Wifi Plug
Here is a picture of the JFY Wifi Plug. Simple, no bells or whistles.


What’s Good About The JFY Wifi Plug?

This little beauty goes a step further than the Solar Dog. It puts your data online and you can check it anywhere you go. Here’s a list of some other features:

  • Easy setup procedure
  • 100m Wifi range (open-space – half range for every wall)
  • Collects data every 5 minutes
  • Remote monitoring

This thing is brilliant. I mean, I get a little passionate about solar monitoring and I’m glad JFY made it so easy to get a quality solar monitoring setup.

What’s Not Good About The JFY Wifi Plug?

I honestly can’t flaw this device. It does what it should, it’s reliable and easy to setup. The only things which remain to be desired are:

  • It would be awesome if it could also monitor import/export of solar power.
  • It would be awesome if it was compatible with all other inverter brands.
  • A shame it doesn’t allow for inverter firmware updates


I have to say that although the wifi plug is an awesome remote monitoring system, JFY only recently let us know that it’s not compatible with ALL JFY inverters. A JFY wifi plug monitor will NOT work with:

  • JSI series inverters made before Dec 2012
  • SUNTWINS inverters made before Dec 2013

Of course you can’t have everything. The engineering problems with including every possible thing into a solar monitoring system are painful to think about. Not only that, but it would push the price way up to have everything as above.


Here is the JFY Wifi Plug user manual you can download

Click here to get a demo of the Solarman monitoring console 5kW system in Townsville


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  1. Hi,
    A little while ago I bought a couple of jfy suntwins inverters, new unused. I installed a 3300tl but I don’t have any way of changing the power factor. The spec says it is adjustable. Do you have software or know where it can be found. I am also interested in a wifi dongle if they are still available

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