Kyocera Solar Panels Review

Kyocera Solar Panels Review

This Kyocera solar panels review looks at what Kyocera has to offer as a company and how good their panels are. Are they all they are hyped up to be or can they not quite cut the cake?

kyocera solar panels Australia
KYOCERA solar office in Australia.

Kyocera solar panels review – Company background

Kyocera is an enormous company. While Kyocera solar is a much smaller company, it’s nice to know that the company has many, many interests in tonnes of baskets. It makes for a warm fuzzy feeling only reliability can create. I mean reliability in the sense that the company is likely to be around for a long time to come.

Kyocera claim to have installed thousands of solar systems since 1978. The reality is, 1978 wasn’t a huge year for solar. Most of the capacity of solar installation has occurred in the last decade or two. But Kyocera have most certainly been involved with solar research and development for a long while.

Kyocera solar panels review - factory
This is one of Kyocera’s solar panel manufacturing facilities (in Czech).

Kyocera solar panels review – The good

Kyocera solar panels look really good. The Kyocera solar panels website is nice and professional. And the name makes them sound like they are a Japanese made panel like the SANYO HIT.

Here are some good points about Kyocera panels:

  • They are a massive company – bigger than most solar manufacturers.
  • They have offices in Australia (yes more than one – and they seem like genuine locations)
  • They claim to have really good performance (in Desert Knowledge at least)

“Kyocera solar technology has delivered more kilowatt hours per installed kilowatt than any other competing crystalline and thin film solar module operating for the same period at the DKA site.”

Now that’s a bold claim. For the moment, I can’t verify this at all. It may well be true but given their results in Photon… I’d be very surprised.

kyocera solar farm Japan
This is a massive solar farm in Japan by Kyocera

Kyocera solar panels review – The bad

It turns out Kyocera panels aren’t as high-tech and cutting-edge as you might have thought. From a performance perspective (in Photon tests) they are atrocious at best. Adding to this, they make it hard to work out where the panels are made. You’d naturally think Japan probably. But I’m always suspicious of companies who don’t brag about something like this. Makes me think most of their manufacturing is in China with the rest. Looking at Photon’s results though, it would seem that some originate in Japan and some in Europe (Czech). Whether they have other locations I can’t be sure. Surely they could just put it on their site (“made in Japan”) if it were true right?

According to Solar Choice, Kyocera panels manufacture panels as follows:

Centre of Cell Production: Yohkaichi, Japan
2nd production centre: Yasu, Japan
Kyocera Solar also has assembly plants  in the US, North America, China, and the Czech Republic

The panels available in Australia are assembled in Mexico.

So how’d they do in Photon? Here are the results:

  • Photon 2012: #129 & #146 (2 panels)
  • Photon 2013: #124 & #146 (2 panels)
  • Photon 2014: #146 & #166 (2 panels)

Seems like 146 is their (un)lucky number.

Kyocera solar panels review – The ugly

Well there is nothing “ugly” about them. They are an excellent company, a LARGE company and seem to have pretty decent panels. The only downside is if the Photon tests are right, you could lose out on thousands of kWhs over the lifetime of these panels. Pretty big downside I guess.

Kyocera solar panels information

Download KYOCERA solar panels datasheet (KU250_6BCA)

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