Origin Energy Review

Origin Energy Review

In this Origin Energy review, we take a look at the retailing giant from the perspective of someone who believes in solar to see whether solar power customers should go with Origin or maybe find greener pastures.

Origin Energy Review – Background

No doubt we’ve all seen the new advertising campaign. “Energy Made Fresh Daily”. Making out as if “fresh” energy is actually a thing… And as if it’s any better if it’s “made fresh” rather than all that stale energy you get from other retailers. What a gimmick. But besides the over-hyped drama, let’s take a look at what Origin Energy offers customers, who Origin Energy is, what they stand for and whether they are any good for you.

Origin Energy Review - Advertising
If this rubbish is how Origin try to swindle more customers or convince their customer base to stay, I say no eggs for me.
Origin Energy Review Brisbane
Origin Energy Brisbane office on corro drive.

Who Are Origin Energy?

Origin Energy is a household name. But many people are still unsure who they actually are and what they do. Let’s try to keep this simple. Origin are an oil & gas company. They have heaps of businesses under their belt including some retailers:

  • Contact Energy (NZ)
  • Integral Energy (QLD)
  • Country Energy (NSW)
Origin Energy Managing Director Grant King
Grant King, managing director of Origin Energy who pockets a neat $8.35m+ while you struggle to pay your power bills. Image courtesy http://www.couriermail.com.au/

Origin Energy Review – What’s Good About Them?

As an energy retailer, Origin are probably the biggest in town. AGL is also a massive player so it’s hard to say. Origin Energy have about 3 million retail customers (including in NZ & the pacific). So I guess you could see this as a good point. Here’s what we reckon is good about Origin:

  1. They are a big company, unlikely to go bankrupt
  2. They have invested in a fair few renewable energy projects
  3. They offer $0.06 as a solar feed in tariff – pretty measly but better than some other retailers.

Origin Energy Review – What’s Not To Love?

Well, they might be big but that doesn’t mean they’re the best… Or any good for that matter. In fact, many businesses who grow rapidly tend to face big problems – especially when it comes to complicated information & policies. Origin have been shocking in my experience from a customer service perspective. They have given false information over the phone to me and to customers of mine, their prices are average and their feed in tariff is far from generous. The other thing that struck me is the amount of people I’ve spoken to who said they’d been loyal Origin customers for years, but if they want a discount off their bill, they have to ask for it. That’s right, if you signed up way back when – we aren’t giving you the discount that all our new customers enjoy… Not unless you threaten to leave. That’s poor business practice.

Here’s a few “not to loves” for Origin Energy:

  1. Poor customer service
  2. Conflicting and false advice & information over the phone
  3. Pitiful 6c feed in tariff for solar customers
  4. No discounts, unless you ask for them
  5. High solar prices

There’s something we haven’t talked about…

What About Origin Energy Solar?

I’m going to mostly leave this for another post some day. For the moment though I’d just advise to shop around. Origin are a big company but don’t necessarily have the best solar deal. In fact they are usually a good 1 – 2 thousand more than “standard” solar pricing.




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2 thoughts on “Origin Energy Review”

  1. Origin use refurbished inverters and pass them off as new to the public, they only last up to 2 yrs, we have had that changed twice and each time thay said they use second hand inverters, so we are with out solar now as they will not fix this issue!!!, when you pay for NEW you expect NEW, not something second hand and keeps failing to work, I do not recommend using origin for solar go elsewhere and get a quality job done from a company who uses new products , origin are rip offs and you DONT GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, ONLY LIES & USED EQUIPTMENT, THERE SHOULD BE A LAW AGAINT SHONKY COMPANYS LIKE ORIGIN !!!!

  2. origin are using refurbished inverters, not new, shonky dodgy company, untrustworthy, ours has been changed twice and both were second hand, now with out solar due to them not fixing the issue again, rip offs, and NOT RECOMENDED AT ALL, THATS A RIP OFF, I PAY FOR A NEW SOLAR I EXPECT A NEW ONE, NOT A DAME USED ONE, RIP OFFS, NOT RECOMMENDED, GO ELSEWHERE FOR YOU SOLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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