REC Solar Panels Review

REC Solar Panels Review

In this REC solar panels review we’ll take a look at one of the “big dogs” and see if we can work out if they’re any good. You hear a lot of stories about REC and a lot of people on the old Whirlpool forums tend to talk them up a bit. But are they as good as everyone says they are? What about their performance in Photon? What else do we need to look at here?

REC Solar Panels Singapore Factory
REC Solar Panel Manufacturing Facility in Singapore

REC Solar Panels Review – Overview

REC Group are a huge panel brand and are a pretty good panel.

Q. Where do their products come from? A. Singapore.

Q. Is their website annoying? A. Yes.

They have a great brand though, and that’s a hard thing to beat. Although it has no influence on how good a panel is. The REC panel is overpriced compared to any panel made in China.

rec solar panels review
REC factory in Europe according to this site. Looks more like some blokes shed.

REC Solar Panels Review – What’s Good About Them?

Some people say REC solar panels are the be all and end all. They will tell you REC is the best thing in the world and you should buy it, even though you pay more. They are a good panel and the company appears to do a lot to make their panels good.

  • They were once at the top of the Photon Test ranks
  • They have maintained “good” results in Photon
  • They have good branding
  • Good temperature coefficient at 0.40%
  • Made in Singapore – if that matters to you
  • Recently won the IAIR award although I don’t know how much that counts for anything.

Panasonic, REC Solar, Cardia Bioplastics, China Telecom, Clean Energy, Visionedge, Directgreen, Kismet Jardin and Fuji Electric APAC triumphed as best companies for sustainability thanks to their commitment to green initiatives and eco-products. 

REC Solar Panels Review – What’s not to love?

Well, there’s not a lot to complain about here…

  • Warranties are average (same as everyone else)
  • The price tag. Not always over-the-top but never cheap.

Solar Panel Review Conclusion

There are a lot of solar panels out there and I’d say REC is one of the better ones. But there are also panels much better than REC both in terms of value and performance. We’ve ranked REC on performance at #8 for 2014.

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