RENESOLA Solar Panels Review

RENESOLA Solar Panels Review

Renesola solar panels are a tier one panel made in China. I always had trouble spelling “Renee” or “Rene” and “sola” doesn’t sit well with my english language brain. But I’ll tell you this… Renesola solar panels are one of the best panels around and here’s why:

Renesola Solar Panels Review
Here is what a Renesola solar panel looks like… Just like every other poly right?

Renesola solar panels review – Overview

Renesola are one of the biggest Chinese solar panel manufacturers around. Their Virtus modules are like a whole other grade of panels. These guys are a tier one module manufacturer (not that we care too much about that) and they have a cheap module that is a good performer all round. Although Renesola solar panels didn’t make it into our Solar Proof Ranking for 2014, they came in at #8 and #30 in the 2013 Photon test. That’s pretty good.

Renesola solar panels factory
Here is one of Renesola’s manufacturing facilities.

Renesola solar panels – The good stuff

Renesola solar panels have a host of features that not every module maker can boast. While I don’t believe they’ve passed the TUV Thresher Test like the SERAPHIM panel, I think they’ve got just about everything else covered. Here’s some of the good stuff about these panels:

  • Massive company – these guys make panels in China, India, Korea, Malaysia, Poland, South Africa & Turkey
  • Tier 1 company (if that matters)
  • They are honest about their branding – unlike Canadian Solar, APS, Munsterland, Hanover etc
  • High efficiency virtus modules
  • They seem to be the most organised solar company ever… just about

OK, alright enough of the good stuff, let’s see the dirt!

Renesola solar panels – The not so good stuff

Well, to be truthfully honest, these guys don’t leave much bad stuff around. Not much left to want… But there’s a few things:

  • They only offer a “standard” panel warranty – 10 years on product, 25 years on performance
  • Their warranties don’t seem to be third party backed

That’s about it I’m afraid.

But I do have some more info on Renesola solar panels that I thought is worth a look at.

The Renesola Virtus Wafer

OK so Renesola solar panels (at least some of them) have a special wafer. Sound tasty? Makes me think of ice cream and waffles. But the Virtus wafer is basically just a normal poly wafer but with a lot more care, attention and a few little tweaks.

Renesola solar panels virtus wafer
Here is the Renesola Virtus wafer compared to “standard” solar panel wafers.

Here’s a table (from Renesola) that shows how the Virtus modules differ from normal ones…

Virtus solar module differences
Here you can see the differences between the Virtus module and standard panels.

And 1 more thing… A summary to give you a bit to go on if you’re confused about Virtus I and Virtus II like I am. It just shows that Virtus II is awesome and pretty cheap too.




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  1. Renesola are NOT listed as TIER 1 in the 2016 Bloomberg Latest Quarter 1 list.
    Anyone know why they are no longer recognized as Tier 1 . Altman Z scores ranks them in Stress/Danger zone aswell..
    Is Renesola now a higher risk option

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