Solar Power Installation

Solar Power Installation

How Long Does A Solar Power Installation Take?

Home solar power installation should take less than a day to complete. Bigger projects may take longer. Commercial projects can take longer due to having more panels. The commercial process can also be drawn out because of ENERGEX. As a rule of thumb, an install crew will take 1 day for every 6kW of solar panels. So a 24kW system would take around 4 days to complete.

Solar Proof recommends that you talk with your solar installer to get a timeframe for your solar power project.

Should I Be At Home The Day It’s Put In?

It’s not strictly necessary for you to be there for your solar power installation. It helps to be on the phone though. This is in case your installer needs any more info, access or permissions from you. Your installer may need access to your garage.

What Are The Different Parts Of My Solar Installation?

A solar power installation consists of 4 main parts:

  1. A number of solar panels (depends on system size and panels used)
  2. 1 or more solar inverters
  3. Solar racking – either flush mounted, tilted or ground-mounted
  4. Electrical and misc. components to connect the system together

Who Installs My Solar Power System?

Your solar power installation will be done by qualified installers. Electrical work is carried out by qualified electricians only. Some solar power installation companies use their own workers to install and others use subcontractors.

Solar Panel Installation

The Solar Power Installation Process

Solar power installation in Brisbane is a process like this:

  • Customer signs a quote/contract and pays a deposit (around 10%)
  • Customer signs an ENERGEX application which is submitted by the installer
  • ENERGEX gives the approval OR informs the installer of changes needed for approval
  • An install date is arranged by the installer with the customer
  • The installation is completed by the installers
  • ENERGEX connect your new solar meter (up to 60 days after installation)

This process takes around 1 month or less. This depends on how busy the industry is and what time of year. It’s pretty easy really. It can be a pain waiting for the meter to be done, but it might only take a few days. Most of our customers report a time frame of less than 3 weeks.

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