SMA Sunny Tripower Inverter Review

SMA Sunny Tripower Inverter Review

In this SMA Sunny Tripower Inverter Review we’ll take a look at the commercial solar units SMA makes including:

  • STP5000TL
  • STP6000TL
  • STP7000TL
  • STP8000TL
  • STP9000TL
  • STP10000TL
  • STP12000TL
  • STP15000TL
  • STP17000TL

Whew, there’s a lot of ’em. And for those of you who know SMA, I’ve missed out on a couple. The “Economic Excellence” range (STP15000TL & STP20000TL). So how good are these 3 phase inverters, who are their competitors and are they as good as is rumoured?

SMA Sunny Tripower Inverter Review
This is the smaller of the SMA Tripower Inverters. The STP5000TL

SMA Sunny Tripower Inverter Review – The Good Stuff

Well for a start, there’s no “pretending” going on with SMA. They are a German company and their inverters are made in Germany by German engineers. But saying that, they are also the most expensive inverter on the market.

SMA Inverters Headquarters Germany
This is the SMA headquarters building in Germany.

But besides being expensive, what do you really get from the SMA Sunny Tripower Inverters? Well here’s a few things:

  • One of the best efficiencies achievable in inverter technology
  • An extremely knowledgeable company behind the products
  • Engineers in Australia you can talk to
  • The ability to monitor systems remotely using a Sunny Web Box
  • Bluetooth monitoring ability

They do their job extremely well. They are extremely well built and I have never heard anyone say a bad word about them.

SMA Sunny Tripower Review
This is the 15kW SMA Tripower inverter.

SMA Sunny Tripower Inverter Review – The Bad Stuff

Well to be truthfully honest, there is one big bad feature of the SMA Sunny Tripower Inverter that is a pretty nasty thing.

  • The extremely high price

The fact is that people want something that works AND they want to get it for peanuts. Well, that’s certainly not going to happen here. SMA are a “top-end” inverter. And as such, you pay for the quality you get. And my biggest issue with this is that it stops some people from getting an SMA. They go with a cheaper brand instead and then call me in 3 months about the issues they’re having. The fact is that SMA are the best at inverters and the high price is worth paying.

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