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Solar Brisbane – One of the best investments any Queensland homeowner can make is now solar power. With returns almost guaranteed at more than 20% – why put your money elsewhere? Brisbane solar is one of the most sensible things you can get. No wonder Brisbane is one of the most “solar-friendly” cities in Australia! More than 30% of Brisbane households now have a solar system installed. Solar power in Brisbane at home is a no-brainer. Businesses in Brisbane don’t see as much value in it… Yet.

Brisbane Solar Examples:

solar brisbane 3kw panels system
A 3kW solar system in Brisbane will have 12 panels. Higher panel wattages mean less panels e.g. 300W panels could do the same job with just 10 panels!
solar brisbane 4kw panels system
16 panels will make a 4kW solar system easily.
5kw solar system brisbane
5kW solar systems are very popular in Brisbane. 20 panels does the trick. Watch out for shade like this pic!
6kw solar brisbane system
A 6kW Brisbane solar system has 24 panels (250W panels).
10kW solar system Brisbane
10kW solar systems need a bit more care, design and planning than most residential installations. Watch out for shading from objects like chimneys!


FACT: More than 30% of Brisbane homes now have solar panels (updated May, 2016)

Why Is Brisbane A Great Place For Solar Power?

  1. First of all, Brisbane is a sunny place! Just check out the table below from Current Results showing sunshine results across Australia. Brisbane had THE HIGHEST number of sunny days and the SECOND HIGHEST number of days with sun (more than 71% of the year). They don’t call it the sunshine state for nothing.
Days of sunshine on average annually
City Sunny Partly Sunny Total Days
With Sun
Adelaide, South Australia 88 136 224
Albury, New South Wales 108 131 239
Ballarat, Victoria 57 162 219
Bendigo, Victoria 110 150 260
Brisbane, Queensland 126 134 261
Cairns, Queensland 98 137 235
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 105 141 246
Darwin, Northern Territory 110 129 239
Hobart, Tasmania 44 149 193
Launceston, Tasmania 50 151 202
Mackay, Queensland 123 147 270
sunny brisbane
Brisbane city is one of the sunniest places in Australia!

OK so Brisbane has a lot of sun, what does that mean for your solar system? Below is a table of solar system sizes. It shows how much energy a Brisbane solar system is likely to produce on an “average” Brisbane day.

Brisbane solar production for typical system sizes

Solar System SizeSolar Energy Produced (kWh)

Here’s how to use the numbers in the above table:

You can work out what VALUE a particular solar system has by knowing how valuable each “kWh” unit is. This is a little bit tricky to do accurately, but easy to do “rule-of-thumb” calculations on. For example, Brisbane electricity is about $0.2687 per kWh (excl. GST) OR $0.296 incl. GST. So that’s the MAXIMUM value your solar energy could have for you.

Remember, some of your solar energy is sent to the grid and (hopefully) gets you some money in the form of a solar feed in tariff. So it’s not all worth $0.296.

solar brisbane

Solar Brisbane – Prices

It’s good to know how much solar costs in Brisbane before you invest. We can’t give you exact prices but this is a good indication. $/W Prices for solar in Brisbane as of April, 2016 sits around $1.65. More helpful perhaps is a price range: 5kW solar systems in Brisbane sell for between $5,500 – $8,800 after incentives.

Solar Deals To Watch Out For!

There are 2 types of solar panels prices to avoid:

  1. Paying too much – obviously! Door-knockers are the worst! They will try to sell you a 5kW system on the spot for $9,000 or more! This is too much to pay no matter WHAT type of system they are offering.
  2. Paying too little. Maybe not what most people think right? How could you pay too little for ANYTHING!? But with solar it’s especially important to pay a decent amount. This ensures you have good after-sales support. It also means the solar installer will more likely do a good job.

Solar Quotes In Brisbane (What To Watch Out For)

Here are a few things Solar Brisbane customers need to look out for when getting solar quotes:

  1. Make sure the price is right – not too little, not too much (as described above)
  2. Make sure there are no hidden costs! ENERGEX now charge to hook up the meter for solar. Be aware of all costs – if you’re not sure, ask your installer!
  3. Read the terms and conditions! Some things are standard, others are NOT. Brisbane Solar companies sometimes sneak in dodgy clauses. Like “you get whatever panel we have available” or “you have to pay extra fees for stuff we don’t know yet”. NO! Make sure you know what you’re signing up for!

solar brisbane installer

Solar Brisbane – Installers

There are lots of solar Brisbane installers as you are likely aware. Choose your installer more carefully than you choose your price! A good installer makes ALL the difference. There are lots of reasons for this. Not least of all:

  • Good solar installers do a good (clean and safe) job
  • Good solar installers have good follow up service (saves you hassle in case of warranty claims etc)
  • Good solar installers will be around for warranty claims! This problem is too common.

solar brisbane city

Solar Deals In Brisbane

Beware of special deals – you hear all sorts of stories. But the last thing you want is to sign up to some “1 day only deal” to realise that they run it every second day! And not only that, it wasn’t much of a deal anyway, just a pressure-sale. There are definitely sharks out there to avoid! Stick to the experts and you should be ok. Find reputable solar Brisbane installers by requesting a quote through our trusted network now.


Some Resources For Solar (Brisbane):

Clean Energy Council

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