Solar Broker – Using Solar Proof

Solar Broker – Using Solar Proof

You can use Solar Proof as your solar broker. This means we will act on your behalf to find the best solar deal to fit your needs. A solar broker is just like any other broker. Meaning, we act as an independent expert with excellent industry knowledge and connections. All to get you the best deal possible.

Solar Broker Family
Using Solar Proof as your solar broker makes your life easier. Less to worry about, more to smile about.

How Can Solar Proof Be My Solar Broker?

There are several ways we can act as your solar broker:

  1. You can fill out our form to get solar quotes. If you want up to 4 solar quotes from local installers then use our easy form. This is our FREE service to you.
  2. You can use our bulk-buying form. By getting a group of people together you get better buying power. So when you’re getting solar power quotes, we send all your details to our Australia-wide network of experts and they bid on the project. The more people you get, the better deal you’re likely to secure. This is also a FREE service to use.
  3. You can hire an expert. Don’t want to bother talking to installers and deciding? You can hire one of our solar power experts to act as your personal solar broker. So we do all the work for you, including:
    • Collecting solar quotes & negotiating the best deal on your behalf
    • Comparing solar quotes
    • Preparing a summary of information
    • Making a recommendation on which solar quote to choose

This saves you time and possibly also a fair amount of money. The Solar Proof solar broker service comes at a fee which is negotiated and depends on system size and complexity. Please call us on 07 3054 4308 to chat with someone about your needs.

Expert Solar Broker Team Solar Proof
Our expert solar broker team is here to help you get a great outcome.

Should I get a personal solar broker?

Getting a personal solar broker isn’t for everyone. But it can be particularly helpful for people with little knowledge of solar power. Or if your project is particularly complex and you don’t want to bother with working out the numbers. So whether or not you should get a personal solar broker will depend on your individual circumstances. Here’s our recommendation to get a personal solar broker:

  • If you have a large commercial facility and need commercial solar quotes
  • If you need to get off-grid solar quotes and don’t want to know the technicalities
  • If you are time-poor and want an expert to do the work for you

Wait a minute… What’s a “Broker” anyway?

Still not quite clear on what we do? Wikipedia says a “broker” is:

an individual or party (brokerage firm) that arranges transactions between a buyer and a seller for a commission when the deal is executed

And that’s what a solar broker does. Only if you choose to use one of our free services, you pay nothing.

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