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Solar Energy Australia… We’ve all had the phone calls from foreign-accented call center workers. It’s easy to get fed up with the annoying bombardment of ads trying to push you into getting solar quotes. The truth is – they are annoying. But we hope to change that. By giving you what you want (only if you ask for it).

Solar Energy Quotes With Solar Proof

Solar Proof offer solar energy and panel quotes to all types of customers. Our experienced network means you get quality, local installers competing for your business. You can get solar energy quotes in Australia from up to 4 companies in the comfort of your home. And all while you sit back and sip a cuppa in the morning. We take the hassle out of getting solar power quotes because we think it should be easy. Here’s why you should get solar quotes with Solar Proof:

  • Better response times – our team work hard to get you your solar quotes fast.
  • Better accuracy – you won’t get 5, 10 or 20 companies phoning you up. The most you’ll get is 4. This gives you a good measure from which you can choose the best quote.
  • Better companies – our network are accredited to perform solar installations. When you use Solar Proof, you get a quality solar installation every time.

Solar Proof Quotes (Solar Proof) is proud to offer you high quality PV quotes. Our resource of solar reviews and solar power articles should give you plenty to think about while you wait for eager solar companies to call you up.

Commercial solar panels

Commercial solar quotes

Commercial solar quotes can be a much bigger job than home solar quotes. This is because:

  1. Commercial power prices are different and can be hard to identify precisely
  2. Commercial quoting can be more difficult for inexperienced companies
  3. The process is often longer and can be very confusing.

We are confident that our commercial solar quotes will give you everything you need to choose a quality renewable energy company. Go through us and you’ll get contacted by up to 4 local companies to “bid” on your project with their quotes.

solar quotes for aussies

Residential solar quotes

Loads of people around Australia have received residential solar energy quotes Australia from Solar Proof with excellent results. Residential customers are often the ones most likely to be in the dark about solar. That’s why it’s important to do your research on Solar first. We want you to be informed about solar power, solar panels, inverters, racking, the whole lot!

We want your solar quotes to be easy to compare and difficult to choose. That way, we know you’re getting a great deal.

Solar Energy Australia – Information & Resources

Here are some great resources to get your research kicked off:

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