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Autonomous Energy / Solar Horizon is a solar company based in Frenchs Forest and has been installing solar panels since 2005. The Solar Proof rating is based on many of the factors that make an installer a trustworthy company and is heavily weighted by publicly available internet reviews.

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Autonomous Energy / Solar Horizon Customer Reviews

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1/5 (2)

Installed panels and caused damage to the roof during the installation.






Installed panels and caused damage to the roof during the installation. Refusing to repair their damage. Causing great difficulty as roof is now leaking

Port Macquarie


autonomous energy


april 2015


Absolutely disgraceful






Made huge mistakes on the installation that has caused significant water leaks and damage within the house. Have refused to admit liability.






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More Information on the Frenchs Forest (NSW) region

Here is some more information specifically for the Frenchs Forest (2086) region. It gives you some additional information on what a solar system might save you in this area.

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Business Review Information Summary

10 Rodborough Rd,
Frenchs Forest, 2086 NSW, Australia
02 9907 2466
Company Name: Autonomous Energy / Solar Horizon
The 'best rating' Autonomous Energy / Solar Horizon could get is 10
Autonomous Energy / Solar Horizon have been rated at 5.73
The number of customer reviews received from this page is 2

Head Office

10 Rodborough Rd
Frenchs Forest, NSW, 2086

Installing Solar Since



94 113 593 383

Customer Rating


Autonomous Energy  / Solar Horizon are a Clean Energy Council Accredited Solar InstallerSolar Proof thinks this company uses installers who are CEC accredited! That means they are officially able to install solar in accordance to the Clean Energy Council rules.
Best to check with the CEC just to be sure.

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