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Madison Australia is a solar company based in Brighton and has been installing solar panels since 2011. The Solar Proof rating is based on many of the factors that make an installer a trustworthy company and is heavily weighted by publicly available internet reviews.

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2.25/5 (2)
Andu Borsaru







I'd like to make an amendment to my previous review and say that after finally getting an electrician from Madison to inspect the system, it turns out that it's the inverter that's faulty; a very uncommon problem (basically bad luck). Apologies to Madison in the end! Still going through the inverter warranty process, which for ABB, has become a bit more of an ordeal but to their credit, Madison has offered to help despite not needing to. Hopefully we get our inverter changed over and start using our PV system again. For the 3-4 weeks that it was running, it was really, really good... heaps of output. Can't wait.

Windsor, Victoria

5 kW

Q-solar panels, ABB inverter


Dec 2016

Andu Borsaru

Find someone else!






Useless communication and completely uninterested in honouring warranty. Still waiting for new solar system to be operational after broke down after only several weeks of proper functioning. They fobbed it off as an inverter fault which it isn't. Still waiting, 12 days on since last email, for an electrician appointment to investigate our issue. They have stopped communicating with me altogether!!! All my calls and emails have gone unanswered for the last 8 days. UNBELIEVABLE! I'm starting to go down the legal pathways towards a lawsuit. What else can you do when the company stops talking to you and your system isn't functioning. Worst $8500 I've spent so far. Go somewhere else.

Windsor, Victoria


Q-solar panels, ABB inverter


Dec 2016

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Here is some more information specifically for the Brighton (3187) region. It gives you some additional information on what a solar system might save you in this area.

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10 Robinson St,
Brighton, 3187 VIC, Australia
1800 981 660
Company Name: Madison Australia
The 'best rating' Madison Australia could get is 10
Madison Australia have been rated at 45%

The number of customer reviews received from this page is 2

Head Office

10 Robinson St
Brighton, VIC, 3187

Installing Solar Since



50 154 413 519

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