Conder Solar (Australian Capital Territory – 2906)

Solar CONDER facts and figures - insight into what solar in the CONDER region could do for you if you installed panels.

Solar Panel production in CONDER

CONDER has about 4.3 sun-hours each day. This is how many hours of useful sunshine (on average) is produced each day. This figure includes overcast days and has been sourced from the CEC solar power consumer guide. You can use this number to work out how much energy your system should produce each day.

A 3kW system, for example, would produce 4.3 x 3 (12.9) kWhs per day on average according to this figure.

solar CONDER chart
This chart shows an example of a 1kW CONDER solar system output generating 4.3kWhs per day.

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Example of 5kW CONDER Solar System

We would expect a 5kW solar system in CONDER to produce 7847.5kWhs of solar energy over the course of a year. How much this is actually worth depends on how much you pay for power and how much solar power you send to the grid.

5kW solar CONDER system
A 5kW solar power system is shown here - commonly 20 x 250W panels are used to get to 5kW.

Solar CONDER - How Much Solar Is Worth (5kW example)

We can estimate the value of this solar production by assuming 50% of the power is used on site. Power used on site is thought to save $0.157 And the other 50% is exported to the grid at a value of $0.1/kWh.

The table below shows the example of a 5kW system in CONDER if 50% of the energy produced was used and the other 50% was exported.

Self-consumed solar power Exported solar power Total
Value Per kWh $0.157 $0.1
Total Value $616.02875 $392.375 $1008.40375

This means your solar savings on a 5kW system could be around $1008.40375 each year.

Power Prices In CONDER

In CONDER you can expect to pay about $0.157 for power (per kWh) - which is pretty reasonable by national standards . This will naturally vary depending on your network and your retailer. Some areas around CONDER might have much higher power prices while some might be much lower.

Solar CONDER Feed-in-Tariff Value

We think you could also get as much as $0.1 for any solar power you send to the grid (per kWh). This includes any Australian Capital Territory government feed-in-tariffs and any contributions from your retailer.

Solar Installers In CONDER

The list below shows some of the solar panel installers in the CONDER - 2906 postal code. NOTE: These are only installers who are located in the postcode 2906, meaning there are likely to be many more installers servicing this area (who are not listed below).

Solar Installers In The CONDER (ACT) Region Include...

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