Solar Panel Rebates – Government Solar Credits 2018

Solar Panel Rebates – Government Solar Credits 2018

Where do solar panel rebates sit these days? Are solar credits the same thing?

Is solar still worth doing even though the rebates are gone? Wait – are the rebates gone!?

Solar Panel Rebates Today (2018)

Solar rebates have had a wild ride in Australia. Including the recent announcement that solar panel rebates are being phased out as we speak!

That’s right! Solar rebates are still going strong! But they are dropping each year now. While a 5kW system used to give you 103 STC rebates, it now only gives you 96 – soon dropping to just 89 next year. That’s a 13.6% drop in rebates!

In case you’re wondering – STC rebate prices go up and down all the time. At the moment they’re about $35 each. So what used to be a $3,605 solar panel rebate amount is now just $3,115 (next year).

Solar Panel Rebates Australia

Is Now A Good Time To Get Solar?

Only if you want to feel happy next time you get a power bill! 🙂

It’s a great time to go solar. A $3k rebate is nothing to sneeze at. You might still pay $5k for a 5kW system. But it pays for itself. It’s hard to explain how much of a no-brainer solar is. Put your money into something guaranteed to save you money. And my advice – get something good quality.

Read some of our solar panel reviews and solar inverter reviews and you’re off to a great start!

How Do I Claim Solar Panel Rebates?

The REC Registry manages Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) – solar panel rebates. In most cases, solar installers give you a discount on your system when you buy from them. In exchange, you give the installer the STCs. It’s like you pay for part of the system with STCs instead of money.

So in most cases – just ask your installer. You shouldn’t have to do anything other than find a good deal. Lucky we make it easy to get solar quotes!

Each Year, Solar Panel Rebates Are Going Down

If you’ve ever thought about getting solar but weren’t sure or didn’t know where to start… Now’s the time!

Next year, solar rebates are going down – and then every year after that. There are no major technologies on the horizon. Solar is a great technology. Most people DON’T EVEN NEED BATTERIES!!! To get close to 100% off their power bill with solar.

Different Solar Panel Rebates By State

People want to know about solar panel rebates in each Australian state. So the map below might help a little. The zones indicate “how much rebate” you can claim – from 1 (most) to 4(least).

Solar Panel Rebates Zones - Image Courtesy Apricus Australia


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