Accredited Solar Panels

Accredited solar panels are panels that have passed the CEC guidelines in Australia. Here is a list of companies who have panels approved in Australia. If you’re unsure about the “expiry date” please check the CEC website.

Licensee/Certificate HolderExpiry DateFire Tested
AblyTek Co Ltd09/10/15Fire Tested
Abound Solar Inc15/03/15Fire Tested
AE Alternative Energy GmbH26/05/16Not Fire Tested
AE Solar Australia Pty Ltd17/06/18Fire Tested
AGL Energy Limited12/08/16Fire Tested
AGL Energy Ltd02/09/14Not Fire Tested
Aleo Solar AG03/04/14Fire Tested
All PV Australia Pty Ltd17/06/18Fire Tested
Alpex Exports Pvt Ltd16/11/14Fire Tested
Ameresco Solar04/07/18Fire Tested
Anhui Rineng Zhongtian Semiconductor
Development Co Ltd
19/05/14Not Fire Tested
Anhui Schutten Solar Energy Co Ltd28/05/17Fire Tested
Anhui Titan PV Co Ltd19/05/15Not Fire Tested
Anji Technology Co Ltd26/04/14Not Fire Tested
Apollo New Energy Corp05/08/14Not Fire Tested
Aton Energy Limited23/04/14Not Fire Tested
Atsun Solar Electric Technology Co Ltd21/08/14Not Fire Tested
AU Optronics Corporation14/05/15Not Fire Tested
AU Optronics Corporation (AUO)04/06/15Fire Tested
AU Optronics Corporation (BenQ Solar)03/07/18Fire Tested
Auria Solar Co Ltd19/05/14Not Fire Tested
Australian Premium Solar19/05/17Fire Tested
Australian Premium Solar Pty Ltd10/01/19Fire Tested
Australian Solar Manufacturing Pty Ltd30/11/14Not Fire Tested
Australian Solar Panel28/05/17Fire Tested
Autarco Ltd25/04/15Fire Tested
Avancis GmbH & Co KG12/07/18Fire Tested
Axitec GmbH03/12/14Not Fire Tested
AxunTek Solar Energy Co Ltd15/01/15Not Fire Tested
Azur Solar GmbH03/03/14Not Fire Tested
Baoding Tianwei Solarfilms Co Ltd21/09/14Not Fire Tested
BeiJing Chiner New Energy21/04/14Not Fire Tested
Beijing Hua Xin Liu He Investment
(Australia) Pty Ltd
30/08/14Not Fire Tested
Beijing Zhongkexin Electronics22/07/14Not Fire Tested
Best Oz Pty Ltd23/09/16Fire Tested
Binzhou Zhongjie Solar Co Ltd27/10/14Not Fire Tested
BISOL Proizvodnja doo04/03/15Not Fire Tested
Blue Sun Group (HongKong) Pty Ltd10/01/16Fire Tested
Bomex Solar New Energy Co Ltd24/04/14Not Fire Tested
Bosch Solar Energy AG24/10/16Fire Tested
BP Solar30/01/15Fire Tested
Brandoni Solare SpA27/06/17Not Fire Tested
BYD Co Ltd10/07/16Fire Tested
BYD Company Ltd27/03/16Not Fire Tested
Canadian Solar Inc26/01/15Not Fire Tested
Carbon Management Solutions Pty Ltd27/04/15Not Fire Tested
CECEP Solar Energy Technology (Zhenjiang)
Co Ltd
03/09/16Fire Tested
CEEG (Nanjing) Renewable Energy Co Ltd10/02/15Fire Tested
CEEG (Shanghai) Solar Science & Technology16/01/15Not Fire Tested
Changzhou Almaden Co Ltd02/07/15Fire Tested
Changzhou city Tianshun Energy Technology
Co Ltd
20/09/14Not Fire Tested
Changzhou City Tianshun Energy
Technology Co Ltd
20/09/14Not Fire Tested
Changzhou EGing Photovoltaic Technology
Co Ltd
09/06/15Not Fire Tested
Changzhou Nesl Solartech Co Ltd03/07/18Fire Tested
Changzhou Trina Solar Energy Co Ltd01/12/18Fire Tested
China Hisun PV Technology Co Ltd16/02/17Fire Tested
China Sunergy (Nanjing) Co Ltd21/08/16Fire Tested
Chinaland Solar Energy Co Ltd23/06/14Not Fire Tested
Chint Solar (Zhejiang) Co Ltd27/07/14Not Fire Tested
CNBM (USA) Corp03/03/14
CNBM Germany GmbH28/04/15Fire Tested
CNBM International Corp21/06/14Not Fire Tested
CNPV Dongying Solar Power Co Ltd31/07/15Fire Tested
CNPV Dongying Solar Power Co Ltd (CNPV
07/06/14Fire Tested
CNPV Solar Power SA16/05/15Not Fire Tested
Conergy AG14/05/15Not Fire Tested
Conergy Pty Ltd15/05/18Fire Tested
Conergy Solar Module GmbH & Co KG12/02/18Fire Tested
Conergy SolarModule GmbH & Co KG21/09/15Not Fire Tested
CSG PVTech Co Ltd03/09/14Not Fire Tested
Day4Energy Inc17/10/15Not Fire Tested
DCWATT Power Co Ltd22/08/16Not Fire Tested
DelSolar Co Ltd20/10/14Not Fire Tested
Dong Ying Fuda Solar Power Co Ltd22/06/15Not Fire Tested
Dongfang Electric (Yixing) MAGI Solar Power
Technology Co Ltd
19/03/16Not Fire Tested
Dongguan Anwell Digital Machinery Co Ltd24/07/17Not Fire Tested
Du Pont Apollo Ltd29/06/14Not Fire Tested
Eco Future Manufacturer Industry
(Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
31/05/16Fire Tested
Econess Energy Co Ltd06/03/18Fire Tested
Emmvee Photovoltaic Power Pvt Ltd01/01/17Fire Tested
ENN Solar Energy Co LTD14/10/14Not Fire Tested
Environmental Engineering Group Pty Ltd30/10/17Fire Tested
Eoplly New Energy Technology Co Ltd07/04/18Not Fire Tested
ERA Solar Co Ltd30/10/17Not Fire Tested
ESOL Energy Co Ltd24/07/15Not Fire Tested
ET Solar Industry Ltd07/02/16Fire Tested
Exiom Solution SA25/03/15Not Fire Tested
Expandixx GmbH05/11/15Fire Tested
First Global Energy Australia Pty Ltd06/11/15Not Fire Tested
First Solar Inc05/12/16Fire Tested
Fuji Electric Systems Co Ltd08/09/14Fire Tested
FXSolar Co Ltd20/06/18Fire Tested
GCL-Poly (Suzhou) Energy Limited15/03/16Not Fire Tested
GD Solar (Jiangsu) Co Ltd13/03/17Not Fire Tested
General Energy Solutions Inc20/05/17Not Fire Tested
General Solar Power (Yantai) Co Ltd28/02/15Not Fire Tested
GermanSolar AG24/08/14Not Fire Tested
Gista Sunnyenrgy Pty Ltd17/06/18Fire Tested
Global Solar Energy Inc07/11/14Fire Tested
Great Energy International Co Ltd13/03/15Fire Tested
Great Solar Group Company Limited23/05/14Not Fire Tested
Green Energy Technology Inc14/10/14Not Fire Tested
GS-Solar (Fujian) Company Ltd18/05/15Not Fire Tested
Guangdong Fivestar Solar Energy Co Ltd21/07/14Not Fire Tested
Guangdong Golden Glass Technologies Ltd21/09/15Fire Tested
Guangdong Golden Glass Technologies
19/05/14Not Fire Tested
Guanxi Energy GmbH06/05/15Not Fire Tested
Guilin Xinyou Photovoltaics Industry Co Ltd07/05/16Fire Tested
H.R.D. Singapore Pte Ltd27/10/15Not Fire Tested
Hanergy Holding Group27/10/14Not Fire Tested
Hangzhou Amplesun Solar Technology30/09/14Not Fire Tested
Hangzhou GPHLAMS Renewable Energy
Technology Co Ltd
03/01/17Not Fire Tested
Hangzhou ZGSM Technology Co Ltd18/10/16Not Fire Tested
Hangzhou Zhejiang University Sunny Energy
Science and Technology Co Ltd
30/08/14Not Fire Tested
Hanover Solar GmbH13/09/15Not Fire Tested
Hansol Technics Co Ltd13/02/14Fire Tested
Hanwha Q.CELLS GmbH25/03/16Fire Tested
Hanwha SolarOne (Qidong) Co Ltd27/03/18Not Fire Tested
HC Solar Power Co Ltd02/10/16Not Fire Tested
Hebei Anpro New Energy Science &
Technology Group Ltd
11/03/17Not Fire Tested
Hebei JG Solar Energy Technology Co Ltd15/04/17Fire Tested
Hengdian Group DMEGC Magnetics Co Ltd16/04/16Not Fire Tested
HHV Solar Technologies PVT Ltd21/03/15Not Fire Tested
Himin Clean Energy Holdings Co Ltd23/03/16Not Fire Tested
Hooray Energy21/10/14Not Fire Tested
HQ Solar Co Ltd07/01/17Not Fire Tested
Huangshan Kinguo New Energy Technology
Co Ltd
12/10/14Not Fire Tested
Hunan Red Solar New Energy Science and
Technology Co Ltd
14/03/17Fire Tested
Hunan Red-Solar New Energy Tech Co Ltd22/07/14Not Fire Tested
Hunan Sunzone Optoelectronics Energy Co
08/11/15Not Fire Tested
Huzhou RisingSun PV Technology Co Ltd26/09/16Fire Tested
Hyundai Heavy Industries31/08/14Not Fire Tested
Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd03/07/18Fire Tested
Infinity Energy Group Pty Ltd05/05/14Not Fire Tested
Infinity New Energy Co Ltd07/04/17Fire Tested
Innovosolar holdings corp14/03/14Not Fire Tested
Inventux Technologies AG27/10/14Not Fire Tested
IRES Asia Pacific28/12/15Fire Tested
IRES Asia Pacific Pty Ltd14/12/16Not Fire Tested
Isofoton SA07/03/15Fire Tested
JCS Solar Co Ltd14/03/15Not Fire Tested
Jetion Solar (China) Co Ltd10/09/18Fire Tested
Jiangsu Aide Solar Energy Technology Co Ltd12/01/15Not Fire Tested
Jiangsu Bright Solar Co Ltd15/11/16Not Fire Tested
Jiangsu Dengtai New Energy Co Ltd18/05/14Not Fire Tested
Jiangsu Green Power PV Co Ltd22/05/14Not Fire Tested
Jiangsu Hosun Solar Power Co Ltd13/04/16Not Fire Tested
Jiangsu Jiasheng Photovoltaic Technology
Co Ltd
16/02/15Not Fire Tested
Jiangsu Linyang Renewable Energy
Technology Co Ltd
05/05/16Fire Tested
Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun15/03/14Not Fire Tested
Jiangsu Prefersolar Photovoltaic Co Ltd25/08/14Fire Tested
Jiangsu Runda PV Co Ltd06/03/14Not Fire Tested
Jiangsu Runner PV Technology Co Ltd26/04/14Not Fire Tested
Jiangsu Sainty Machinery I/E Corp Ltd03/06/14Not Fire Tested
Jiangsu Shunfeng Photovoltaic Electronic
Power Co Ltd
18/01/17Not Fire Tested
Jiangsu SunLink PV Technology Co Ltd20/03/16Not Fire Tested
Jiangsu Tievol Solar Energy Co Ltd19/04/16Not Fire Tested
Jiangsu Tihein Photovoltaic Technology Co
05/06/17Not Fire Tested
Jiangsu Wanfeng PV Co Ltd14/06/16Fire Tested
Jiangsu Xinghuo Solar Energy Lighting Co02/03/15Not Fire Tested
Jiangsu Xuyang Solar Energy Co Ltd04/05/16Not Fire Tested
Jiangsu Zhongchao Solar Technology Co Ltd23/06/18Fire Tested
Jiangxi Risun Solar Energy Co Ltd22/11/14Not Fire Tested
Jiangyin Guangye PV-Tech Co Ltd05/06/16Fire Tested
Jiangyin Hareon Power Co Ltd09/08/15Not Fire Tested
JieYang Zhongcheng Group Co Ltd20/09/16Not Fire Tested
Jinko Solar Co Ltd29/09/14Not Fire Tested
Jinzhou Jinmao Photovoltaic Technology Co
11/12/15Not Fire Tested
Jiujiang SUNID Tech Co Ltd25/04/16Not Fire Tested
JM Solar Co Ltd20/02/16Not Fire Tested
Jolar Technology Corp12/05/15Fire Tested
Juli New Energy Co Ltd03/12/14Not Fire Tested
Kaneka Corporation15/06/18Fire Tested
KD Solar Co Ltd13/05/14Not Fire Tested
Kenmec Mechanical Engineering Co Ltd01/08/14Not Fire Tested
King-PV Technology Co Ltd08/05/14Not Fire Tested
Kinve Solar Power Co Ltd (Maanshan)17/05/15Not Fire Tested
KISCO27/08/14Not Fire Tested
KL Solar Company Pvt Ltd24/07/15Not Fire Tested
Konca Solar Cell Co Ltd15/03/16Not Fire Tested
Kotak Ujra Private Ltd06/12/14Not Fire Tested
Kyocera Corporation01/09/18Fire Tested
Kyung Won Co Ltd25/10/15Not Fire Tested
LDK Solar Co Ltd01/04/16Fire Tested
LG Electronics Inc26/10/14Not Fire Tested
Lifeline Energy International Inc12/05/14Not Fire Tested
Lightway Green New Energy Co Ltd02/11/15Not Fire Tested
Ligitek Photovoltaic Co Ltd27/07/14Not Fire Tested
LJ Technology Co Ltd03/03/15Not Fire Tested
LS Industrial Systems Co Ltd14/06/16Fire Tested
Luxco Co Ltd01/02/16Not Fire Tested
Luxor Solar GmbH16/02/15Not Fire Tested
Mage Solar AG09/08/15Not Fire Tested
Malaysian Solar Resources Sdn Bhd15/08/15Not Fire Tested
Martifer Solar SA21/02/15Not Fire Tested
Moser Baer Solar Ltd10/04/15Not Fire Tested
Motech Americas LLC17/07/16Fire Tested
MS Munsterland Solar GmbH04/07/18Fire Tested
Munchen Solarenergie GmbH16/05/16Fire Tested
Nanjing Daqo New Energy Co Ltd10/06/15Not Fire Tested
Nantong Infisolar Co Ltd25/05/16Not Fire Tested
Nantong QiangSheng Photovoltaic Tech Co
Ltd (QS Solar)
18/05/14Not Fire Tested
NexPower Technology Corp13/09/14Not Fire Tested
Nice Sun PV Co Ltd14/11/17Fire Tested
Ningbo Ardson Solar Power Co Ltd30/05/14Fire Tested
Ningbo Best Solar Energy Technology Co Ltd11/06/16Not Fire Tested
Ningbo EP Solar Technology Co Ltd08/12/14Not Fire Tested
Ningbo Jinshi Solar Electrical Science &
Technology Co Ltd
26/06/17Not Fire Tested
Ningbo Komaes Solar Technology Co Ltd18/02/14Not Fire Tested
Ningbo Mangesuo Solar Technology
09/10/14Not Fire Tested
Ningbo Osda Solar Co Ltd12/10/14Not Fire Tested
Ningbo Pearls Energy Technology Co Ltd03/01/15Not Fire Tested
Ningbo Qixin Solar Electrical Appliance Co
05/08/18Not Fire Tested
Ningbo Qixin Solar Electrical Appliance Co
Ltd (Qixin Solar)
04/05/14Fire Tested
Ningbo South New Energy Technology Co
24/02/14Not Fire Tested
Ningbo Ulica Solar Science & Technology Co
01/05/16Fire Tested
Ningbo Ulica Solar Science &Technology Co
01/05/16Fire Tested
Ningbo Ulica Solar Science&Technology Co
01/05/16Fire Tested
Ningbo Yulong Photoelectric Technology Co
11/10/14Not Fire Tested
Ningbo Zhonghong Photovoltaic Technology
Co Ltd
27/03/18Fire Tested
Ningjin Sun / JingAo Solar Co Ltd29/03/14Not Fire Tested
Ningxia Yinxing Energy Photovoltaic
Equipment Manufacturing Co Ltd
26/07/15Not Fire Tested
No. 36 Research Institute of CETC24/02/15Not Fire Tested
Noah Energy Limited10/06/15Not Fire Tested
Noah Power Group Ltd25/05/14Not Fire Tested
Oviera Solar Co Ltd07/08/15Not Fire Tested
Oviera Solar SRL04/10/14Not Fire Tested
Perfect Source Technology Corp29/05/14Fire Tested
Perlight Solar Co Ltd09/08/14Not Fire Tested
Phono Solar Technology Co Ltd07/06/16Fire Tested
PM & JD Pedler Electrical Pty Ltd12/05/16Fire Tested
Powerbright Solar Holdings Co Ltd17/07/16Fire Tested
Powercom Co Ltd31/10/16Not Fire Tested
Powertile Ltd01/06/15Not Fire Tested
PV Power Technologies Pvt Ltd13/01/15Not Fire Tested
PV Technologies India Ltd06/03/15Not Fire Tested
Q-Cells SE24/06/15Fire Tested
Qingdao abo New Energy Technology Co Ltd11/12/16Not Fire Tested
Qingdao Abo New Energy Technology Co
12/12/16Fire Tested
Quangzhou Yingde Solar Energy Co Ltd16/09/15Not Fire Tested
Rayking Industry Limited04/10/14Not Fire Tested
Realforce Power Co Ltd26/09/18Fire Tested
REC Solar Pte Ltd18/07/17Fire Tested
Recom Ltd19/06/16Fire Tested
ReneSola Jiangsu Ltd28/04/15Fire Tested
Renogy LLC10/05/14Fire Tested
Rich Solar Technology Co Ltd02/07/14Not Fire Tested
Risen Energy Co Ltd04/02/15Not Fire Tested
Risun Technology Co Ltd03/03/17Fire Tested
Ritek Corporation07/07/14Not Fire Tested
Rupa Technologies UG02/09/14Not Fire Tested
Samsung SDI29/03/15Fire Tested
Sanyo Electric Co Ltd20/07/14Fire Tested
Sanyo Electric Co Ltd (Panasonic)20/07/14Fire Tested
Scheuten Glas Nederland BV01/08/17Fire Tested
Scheuten Solar Logistics BV07/04/14Not Fire Tested
Schott Solar AG16/05/15Fire Tested
SCHUCO International KG23/04/16Fire Tested
Schueco International KG12/01/17Not Fire Tested
Seasun New Energy Co Ltd20/04/14Not Fire Tested
S-Energy Co Ltd06/12/17Fire Tested
Senersun France SAS17/11/15Not Fire Tested
Senersun Ltd24/07/15Not Fire Tested
Seraphim Solar System Co Ltd27/05/16Fire Tested
Shandong Hilight Solar Co Ltd13/03/17Not Fire Tested
Shandong Hilight-solar Co Ltd14/03/17Fire Tested
Shandong Linuo Photovoltaic Hi-Tech Co Ltd15/03/14Not Fire Tested
Shandong Sunvim Solar Technology Co Ltd17/08/14Not Fire Tested
Shandong YuTai Photo-Electric Technology
Co Ltd
25/06/16Not Fire Tested
Shandong Zhongjing Solar Energy Co Ltd28/07/14Not Fire Tested
Shangdong YuTai Photo-Electric Technology
Co Ltd
10/12/16Not Fire Tested
Shanghai Aerospace Automobile
Electromechanical Co Ltd
19/11/17Fire Tested
Shanghai Biaodi Industry Co Ltd30/08/14Not Fire Tested
Shanghai Chaori Solar Energy Science &
Tech Co.Ltd
19/01/15Not Fire Tested
Shanghai Eco-Energy Ltd17/05/14Not Fire Tested
Shanghai JA Solar Technology Co Ltd13/01/16Fire Tested
Shanghai Prairiesun Solar Technology Co Ltd13/11/15Not Fire Tested
Shanghai Shanghong Energy Technology Co
12/07/14Fire Tested
Shanghai Solar Energy S&T Co Ltd21/03/15Not Fire Tested
Shanghai ST Solar Co Ltd05/05/14Not Fire Tested
Shanghai Sunsys Solar Co Ltd20/04/15Not Fire Tested
Shanghai Topsolar Green Energy12/04/15Not Fire Tested
Shanghai Topsolar Green Energy Co Ltd11/08/15Not Fire Tested
Shanxi Tianneng Technology Co Ltd05/07/15Not Fire Tested
Sharp Corporation18/09/15Fire Tested
Shenzhen Topray Solar Co Ltd06/06/15Fire Tested
Shenzhen Zhong Jing Solar Co Ltd26/04/17Not Fire Tested
Shinsung CS Co Ltd22/02/16Not Fire Tested
Siliken SA08/08/15Not Fire Tested
Simax (Suzhou) Green New Energy Co Ltd27/12/15Fire Tested
Simax Green New Energy (Europe) GmbH27/12/15Fire Tested
Siyang Jiangnan Energy Technology Co Ltd12/01/16Not Fire Tested
Solahart Industries Pty Ltd28/03/18Fire Tested
Solar Enertech (Shanghai) Co Ltd24/11/14Not Fire Tested
Solar Frontier KK19/01/16Not Fire Tested
Solar Frontier Ltd16/11/14Not Fire Tested
Solariver Co27/07/14Not Fire Tested
Solarland Australia Pty Ltd11/07/15Not Fire Tested
Solarland USA Corp09/08/15Not Fire Tested
Solartech Energy Corp02/12/17Fire Tested
Solarwise Solutions02/10/16Not Fire Tested
SolarWorld AG31/08/14Not Fire Tested
Solimpeks Solar Energy Systems Corp23/04/15Fire Tested
SOLON Energy GmbH21/04/17Fire Tested
Solon SE29/09/15
Solsmart BV29/09/14Not Fire Tested
Sopray Energy Co Ltd05/07/16Fire Tested
Sova Power Ltd28/04/15Fire Tested
Sovello AG03/03/14Not Fire Tested
Stiebel Eltron GmbH & Co KG07/04/15Not Fire Tested
Stonestar Wholesale Pty Ltd16/06/18Fire Tested
Stratco (Australia) Pty Ltd25/05/16Not Fire Tested
STX Solar Co Ltd04/08/16Not Fire Tested
Sun Earth Solar Power Co Ltd18/11/14Not Fire Tested
Sun World Solar Energy Technology
(Luoyang) Co Ltd
08/07/14Not Fire Tested
SunEdison Products Singapore Pte Ltd10/07/16Fire Tested
Sungen International Limited15/10/16Not Fire Tested
Sungen International Ltd15/06/17Not Fire Tested
Sungold Solar Co Ltd02/09/14Not Fire Tested
Sungrid Ltd14/12/16Not Fire Tested
Sungrid Ltd (Suntelligence)14/12/16Not Fire Tested
Sungrid Pty Ltd14/12/16Fire Tested
Suniva Inc24/05/15Not Fire Tested
SunPower Corporation19/12/15Fire Tested
Sunpower Corporation Systems19/08/14Not Fire Tested
Sunrise Solartech Co Ltd04/06/18Fire Tested
Sunset Energietechnik GmbH Industriestr22/03/14Fire Tested
Sunshine PV Corp26/02/16Fire Tested
Suntech Power Holding Co Ltd21/11/15Fire Tested
Sunways AG20/11/15Fire Tested
Suzhou Suncome Solar Science &
Technology Co Ltd
12/09/17Fire Tested
SWOW-Energy Co Ltd14/11/16Fire Tested
Symphony Energy Co Ltd15/09/14Not Fire Tested
Synergy Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd15/09/14Not Fire Tested
System Photonics SPA19/05/15Not Fire Tested
Talesun Solar Co Ltd14/08/14Fire Tested
Tangshan Haitai New Energy Technology Co
15/11/14Not Fire Tested
TBEA Xianjiang SunOasis Co Ltd07/12/14Not Fire Tested
TBEA Xingjiang SunOasis Co Ltd15/07/16Fire Tested
TBEA Xinjiang Sunoasis Co Ltd31/01/15Not Fire Tested
TD Solar Co Ltd30/11/14Not Fire Tested
TDG Holding Co Ltd02/06/14Not Fire Tested
TENESOL29/02/16Not Fire Tested
Tenesol SA29/02/16Not Fire Tested
Tianwei New Energy (Chengdu) PV Module
Co Ltd
21/06/14Not Fire Tested
Tianwei New Energy (Yangzhou) Co Ltd11/03/18Fire Tested
Tianwei New Energy Holdings Co Ltd20/06/14Not Fire Tested
Tindo Manufacturing Pty Ltd29/05/15Fire Tested
Tivok Energy Pty Ltd23/12/17Fire Tested
TN Solar Co Ltd12/12/16Fire Tested
Topsun Co Ltd21/09/14Fire Tested
Toshiba Corporation Social Infrastructure
Systems Company
25/06/15Fire Tested
Transform Solar Pty Ltd25/09/16Fire Tested
UE Solar Co Ltd25/07/15Not Fire Tested
United Solar Ovonic21/04/14Not Fire Tested
United Solar Ovonic LLC12/10/15Fire Tested
Universal Energy Nanjing Solar Technology
Co Ltd
11/05/15Fire Tested
Universal Hardware Corporation22/05/14Not Fire Tested
Universal Solar (Australia)28/04/15Not Fire Tested
Universal Solar Panel29/05/17Fire Tested
Upsolar China Co Ltd07/05/16Fire Tested
UPSolar Co Limited21/06/14Not Fire Tested
Upsolar Group Co Ltd19/03/16Not Fire Tested
UTTsolar Equipment Co Ltd23/06/18Fire Tested
Vikram Solar Pvt Ltd07/12/14Fire Tested
VSE-TENESOL25/06/16Not Fire Tested
Waaree Energies Pvt Ltd08/04/16Fire Tested
Websol Energy Systems Ltd25/07/15Not Fire Tested
Weihai China Glass Solar Co Ltd20/10/14Not Fire Tested
Wenzhou Changlong Photovoltaic
Technology Co Ltd
17/07/17Fire Tested
Wenzhou Changlong Photovotaic
Technology Co Ltd
26/07/15Fire Tested
Wenzhou JingRi Electrical & Mechanical Co
19/06/15Not Fire Tested
Wenzhou SMS Solar Energy S&T Co Ltd17/10/14Not Fire Tested
Win Win Precision Technology Co Ltd -
15/11/15Fire Tested
Winsun New Energy Co Ltd11/05/15Fire Tested
World Renewable Technologies Pty Ltd30/08/14Not Fire Tested
Worldwide Energy & Manufacturing USA Co
20/03/16Not Fire Tested
Worldwide Energy & Manufacturing USA Inc24/08/15Not Fire Tested
Worldwide Energy & Manufacturing
Australia Pty Ltd
15/11/16Not Fire Tested
Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing USA
Co Ltd
20/03/16Not Fire Tested
Wuhan Solar Technology Co Ltd18/04/15Not Fire Tested
Wuhu Zhongfu PV Co Ltd08/05/16Fire Tested
Wuxi Erquan Solar Energy Science & Tech
Co Ltd (EQ Solar)
03/06/14Not Fire Tested
Wuxi Jiacheng Solar Energy Tech Co Ltd27/04/15Not Fire Tested
Wuxi Jiacheng Solar Energy Technology Co
27/04/15Not Fire Tested
Wuxi Saijing Solar Co Ltd12/10/14Not Fire Tested
Wuxi Shangpin Solar Energy Science &
Technology Co Ltd
01/03/15Not Fire Tested
Wuxi Shangpin Solar Energy Science and
Technology Co Ltd
01/03/15Not Fire Tested
Xiamen Fortune-Wide Solar Energy Tech Co
06/08/14Not Fire Tested
Xiamen M&J Energy Technology Co Ltd25/03/15Not Fire Tested
Xiamen Sona Energy Co Ltd05/12/14Not Fire Tested
Xi'an Huanghe Photovoltaic Technology Co
19/08/17Not Fire Tested
Xunlight Corporation14/12/15Fire Tested
Yangden Solar Holding Ltd05/06/17Not Fire Tested
Yangzhou K D New Energy Technology Co
04/10/14Not Fire Tested
Yangzhou Tianhua PV Tech Co Ltd15/07/14Not Fire Tested
Years Solar Co Ltd25/06/18Fire Tested
Yingli Energy (China) Co Ltd04/05/14Not Fire Tested
Yingli Energy (China) Company Limited04/05/14Not Fire Tested
Yocasol Inc30/04/14Not Fire Tested
Yuhuan Sinosola Science & Technology Co
28/05/18Fire Tested
Yunnan Tianda Photovoltaic Co Ltd29/09/14Not Fire Tested
Zhangjiagang City SEG PV Co Ltd23/04/14Not Fire Tested
Zhangjiagang SEG PV Co Ltd24/09/18Fire Tested
Zhejiang ASN-Solar New Energy Co Ltd09/10/14Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Aurora PV Solar Co Ltd07/05/18Fire Tested
Zhejiang BLD Solar Technology Co Ltd06/11/15Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Bowei Industrial & Trading Co Ltd24/09/16Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Fengsheng Electrical Co Ltd11/05/16Fire Tested
Zhejiang G&P New Energy Technology Co
16/11/17Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Geerma New Energy Technology
Co Ltd
25/03/15Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Global Photovoltaic Technology Co
20/06/18Fire Tested
Zhejiang Global PV03/03/15Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Grand Power Energy Co Ltd10/10/14Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Guangyi Optical Energy
Technologies Co Ltd
28/04/14Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Hengji PV Tech Co Ltd28/04/14Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Hengji PV-Tech Energy Co Ltd28/04/14Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Huibao New Energy Co Ltd25/02/17Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Jemy New Energy Co Ltd18/09/15Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Jimei PV Energy Corp20/02/16Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Jinbest Energy Science and
Technology Co Ltd
10/10/15Fire Tested
Zhejiang Jingshang New Energy Technology
07/04/17Fire Tested
Zhejiang Jinko Solar Co Ltd10/08/14Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Kingdom Solar Energy Technic Co
21/03/14Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Koly Energy Co Ltd19/07/15Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Longbai Photovoltaic Technology
Co Ltd
08/03/16Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Mega Solar Energy Co Ltd13/09/16Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Pujiang Zhongxing Co Ltd10/09/17Fire Tested
Zhejiang RDM Technology Co Ltd26/07/15Fire Tested
Zhejiang Shangcheng Solar Tech Co Ltd (SC
04/10/14Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Shengfa New Energy Technology
Co Ltd
20/07/14Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Shinew Photoelectronic
Technology Co Ltd
01/08/14Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Shuqimeng Photovoltaic Tech Co
24/08/15Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Shuqimeng Photovoltaic
Technology Co Ltd
24/08/15Not Fire Tested
ZheJiang SOCO Technology Co Ltd04/05/16Fire Tested
Zhejiang Sopray Solar Co Ltd02/09/14Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Sunenergy Co Ltd04/10/14Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Sunflower Light Energy Science &
Technology LLC
20/05/17Fire Tested
Zhejiang Sunrupu New Energy Co Ltd08/02/15Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Tianming Solar Technology Co Ltd24/07/16Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Trunsun Solar Co Ltd21/12/14Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Wanxiang Solar Co Ltd28/04/15Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Xinshun Guangfu Science and
Technology Co Ltd
18/05/15Not Fire Tested
Zhejiang Xiongtai Photovoltaic Technology
Co Ltd
05/11/16Fire Tested
Zhejiang Yuanzhong Solar Co Ltd18/06/16Not Fire Tested
Zhejing Liangjing New Energy Co Ltd01/05/17Fire Tested
Zhejuang Xinshun Science and Technology
Co Ltd
18/05/15Not Fire Tested
Zhong YI New Energy Co Ltd27/04/14Not Fire Tested
Zhongli Talesun Solar Co Ltd14/05/17Not Fire Tested
ZNShine PV-Tech Co Ltd30/06/14Not Fire Tested

Here is a full list of CEC accredited solar panels you can download in PDF format

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