Hybrid Solar Power

Hybrid Solar Power

A hybrid solar power system is a grid connected solar power system with some backup battery storage. Hybrid solar systems are not all that common, although they are fast becoming the “next step” in many households who want to get off the grid completely. Hybrid systems are often used in areas where power failures are common, or where power must be 100% reliable, such as in life-support systems. The recent announcement of the Tesla Powerwall has made hybrid solar power a much more attractive option for many.

Are there different types of hybrid solar power systems?

Hybrid solar power systems have a vast range of configurations… Makes it very difficult to list them all. Generally a hybrid solar power system is much the same as an off-grid solar power system. The only difference is that the hybrid system maintains a connection to the electricity network or “grid” and an off-grid system doesn’t.

What is a hybrid solar power system?

A hybrid solar power system can have a combination of the following components but the ones in bold are a must-have:

  • Solar panels
  • Some battery storage
  • A connection to the electricity grid
  • A solar inverter
  • A DC charge controller
  • An Inverter/Charger
  • Other control equipment
  • Monitoring equipment

Why choose a hybrid solar power system?

A hybrid solar power system has many benefits that can make it a good option for people considering solar power.

Some of the benefits of a hybrid solar power system include:

  • Lower upfront cost than an off-grid system due to less batteries required
  • Excellent utilisation (up to 100%) of solar energy
  • No reliance on feed-in-tariffs to subsidise solar energy generation
  • Typically better returns than a grid-tied solar power system.

Hybrid solar power systems are not very common today but it is widely agreed in the solar power industry that battery prices will plummet before 2020 and the energy storage industry will boom. This will make batteries, energy storage systems and hybrid solar systems much more common than they are now.

Some useful products for hybrid solar systems:

SMA Sunny Island (SMA Australia Website)

Solax Hybrid Inverters (Solax Website)

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