Solar Power Services Australia

At Solar Proof, we offer a range of solar power services. Not only can we act to help inform consumers, we can supply & install solar power systems too. Our host of solar power services means you can use us as a one-stop-shop for solar power.


solar power services

What residential solar services do we offer?

We give our customers access to Australia’s largest and most trusted network of qualified installers.

When you request a solar quote through our website, you can be sure we will do our very best to connect you with professionals servicing your area.

Commercial solar power services

What commercial services do we offer?

We can also perform a range of commercial solar services for businesses in the solar industry including:

  • Accurate solar power system sizing
  • Site energy use analyses & reporting
  • Solar power system design via solar software
  • Technical drawings for solar power systems (line diagrams)
  • Act as a solar broker – we assist you in finding the best deal for your business by accurately comparing options and negotiating the best solution for you

Why take advantage of Solar Proof solar power services?

If you’re in the market for a solar power system, or if you’ve already got one… We can help you.

No matter who you are, one of our solar power services will be able to assist you to:

  1. Get a high quality system at a good price
  2. Get more certainty around your solar investment decisions
  3. Have an industry expert, not trying to sell to you, but as part of your team

It’s like having your own professional solar power consultant.

How much do these services cost?

Many of the services we offer come as a FREE courtesy. Commercial services come at a fee, depending on how much work is involved. We are very competitive and are certain that the value you get by going through us is well worth the cost.

Contact us now to get a free quote on any of our solar power services

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