Solar Rebates In Australia (Updated 2022)

Solar Rebates In Australia (Updated 2022)

Solar rebates and feed-in-tariffs in Australia have been extremely generous in the past and have dropped significantly since they started. While the good ol’ days of 50c feed in tariffs and x3 REC multipliers are gone, there are still some good government funding models out there to take advantage of.

What are solar rebates?

Solar “Small-Scale-Technology-Certificate (or STC)” rebates are a point-of-sale discount offered by businesses in exchange for renewable energy certificates (RECs or now STCs). The STCs hold a value and normally the solar installers will sell these in order to re-coup their losses for providing customers with a discount.

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 Solar rebates and feed in tariffs are still available in Brisbane.


What solar panel rebates are available in Australia?

Solar customers can still enjoy generous solar rebates on the purchase of a solar power system. Although the multiplier is only x1, generally you can get anything between 20% and 45% off a solar power system just from these rebates.

 Click here to calculate your exact solar power rebate at your location.

What is a feed-in-tariff?

A feed-in-tariff is a tariff agreement between a customer and their electricity provider which pays a certain amount of money for any energy which they generate themselves and send into the electricity grid.


What solar feed-in-tariffs are available in Australia?

Customers can still get access to some pretty generous feed-in-tariffs in Australia.

Energy retailers may offer quite generous feed in tariffs for solar power. It’s commonplace around Australia to get anywhere between 6c and 20c or more.

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  Get solar rebates when you buy a solar system. They might not be around forever.



Will Solar Incentives Be Around Forever?

There is no way to know how long solar rebates will be available. What we do know is that the solar rebates can depend quite heavily on government policy. So it’s likely that solar rebates won’t be around forever. Especially when you see the low cost of solar equipment today compared to 5 years ago. Use Solar Proof to get your solar quotes today. Solar quotes can help you see exactly what’s on offer and whether it’s worth doing.

Update: The Australian Government is phasing out the STC solar panel rebates scheme. Each year the rebates you get for buying a system will decrease.

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