Solar Power Rebates

Solar Power Rebates

Rebates for solar power are offered by the federal government in the form of either STCs (also known as RECs) for small systems (<100kW) and LGCs for larger systems above this. These solar power rebates offer an enormous incentive to customers looking at purchasing solar power as they make up between 30% and 44% of the total system cost.

Residential Solar Power Rebates

Residential dwellings in Brisbane (and the rest of Australia) are able to receive rebates for installing a solar power system. These rebates are offered by the federal government and are usually accessed by accepting a point-of-sale discount from your solar installer.

How residential solar power rebates work

Solar power rebates for residential dwellings are now known as STCs (formerly RECs). This stands for Small-Scale Technology Certificates (formerly Renewable Energy Certificates). STCs are traded on a market which currently stands at between $35 and $38 (March, 2014). Most customers who buy solar power, exchange their STC solar power rebates for a discount from their solar provider.

Residential Solar Power System SizeSTC QuantityRebate Available (Approx.)
1.5kW31$1,116 - $1,240
2kW41$1,476 - $1,640
2.5kW51$1,836 - $2,040
3kW62$2,232 - $2,480
3.5kW72$2,592 - $2,880
4kW82$2,952 - $3,280
4.5kW93$3,348 - $3,720
5kW103$3,708 - $4,120
5.5kW114$4,104 - $4,560
6kW124$4,464 - $4,900

Commercial solar rebates

Solar power rebates for commercial customers are exactly the same as long as the system size is less than 100kW.

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