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We aim to deliver high quality solar panel reviews without the bias of a solar installation company. So far, Solar Proof Quotes has done solar panel reviews on many of the top solar panel brands, including:

  • Trina solar panels
  • Seraphim solar panels
  • ET solar panels
  • Yingli solar panels
  • SUNPOWER solar panels
  • RENESOLA solar panels
  • WINAICO solar panels
Solar Panel Reviews
Take a close look at solar panels before you buy!

And more… In the interests of improving our website and trying to eliminate any bias, we also allow YOU to post your reviews on our site! Please get involved and give us a run-down of your experience with any of the solar panel reviews you find on our site.

Here is a list of all solar panel reviews done by Solar Proof to date:

Want to know more about our reviews?

We’ll be honest, our reviews are just opinions… But they are expert opinions. All reviews are written by people who have worked in the industry for at least 3 years and are either engineers, electricians, managers or product experts. We know solar power inside out and we want to share as much useful information with consumers as possible.

With our solar panel reviews, we aim to give you a bit of insight into solar panel companies which is not always the obvious stuff. Although we haven’t got a standard, set methodology for our solar panel reviews, some of the things we look at when reviewing a solar panel are:

  • Company reputation
  • Age of the solar manufacturer
  • Place of manufacture
  • Solar panel “tier”
  • Temperature co-efficient of solar panels
  • Warranties on offer
  • Typical cost of panel

We also look at some other factors such as solar panel performance in independent tests (such as Photon) and our own solar panel ranking. One thing people tend to wonder though is why we don’t pay too much attention to efficiency. The reason is that efficiency hardly matters at all to the average Joe consumer and really should not play any part in today’s market in making a decision to buy solar.

How do our solar panel review star ratings work?

We rate our solar panel reviews consistent with what we think about the product. So if we give a solar panel say, 3/5 stars, this is what’s shown both on our website and in Google. As soon as you (the customer) come along and write your own review though, the Google star rating reflects the average consumer rating. So let us know what you think! Your feedback on your experiences is very valuable to help other people learn from both your successes and your tragedies 🙁

Solar Panel Reviews Brisbane
Solar panel reviews are important because they give consumers information and perspective that they wouldn’t normally get from a sales representative.

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