Solargain Solar Installer Review

Solargain Solar Installer Review

Solargain are a Perth based solar power and solar hot water installer. They have quite an impressive reputation as a solar installer within the industry and have heaps of commercial solar jobs under their belt too. With plenty of experience under their belt and good customer feedback, Solargain seem to be a pretty decent choice.

Solargain also have several offices across Australia, making them one of the larger players in the solar power industry.

solargain review
This is the solargain head office in Perth (image courtesy of Google Streetview)

Company Age

Solargain claim to be over 20 years old – in the hot water industry at least. They started their solar business just 8 years ago in 2006, which is still quite an impressive history for a solar power company.

solar gain hot water
Here is a solar hot water installation by solargain


Product Range

The solar PV products offered by Solargain (as of October 2014) are as follows:

Solar panel brands:

Solar Inverter Brands:

They seem to have a strong focus on the “higher-end” European brands of inverters and also a very high quality solar panel range. This is great, but it appears that they don’t offer a decent budget product range for those unwilling to pay the premium for better products.

solar gain review - installers
Here is a picture of solargain and one of their partners.

Solargain Review – Industry Memberships

Solargain have some strong industry involvement, marked by their memberships as:

Solargain Review – Solar System Pricing

Solargain are not as transparent as some other solar companies. They don’t publish pricing information on their website. It would appear though, that their pricing could well be on the “higher” side, especially when compared with inferior products.

Solargain Company Diversity

Solargain have been in the hot water business for a very long time. As a solar power (PV) business though, they have 8 years under their belt. They do not seem to offer a large range of energy efficiency solutions, but in some ways this is a good thing – it allows them to specialise more and focus on what they are good at and passionate about.

Solargain Reviews – Customer Satisfaction

According to, Solargain are ranked at 4.3/5 stars from 322 customer reviews (October, 2014). This is an impressive score especially for the number of reviews (the most on solarquotes in the platinum installers) and it’s good to know that they have so many happy customers.

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  1. do you supply south australia and if so who istalls them thank you paola what is the price difference between low tier panels and high quality solar panels we are looking at 6kw with 20 panels

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