SUNTECH Solar Panels Review

SUNTECH Solar Panels Review

SUNTECH solar panels. Are they any good? SUNTECH used to be a major player before it’s near-collapse in February, 2013. So is it a good choice to invest in SUNTECH solar panels, or should these guys be avoided?

The SUNTECH headquarters in China.

SUNTECH Solar Panels – Company History

Wuxi Suntech Power Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. As one of the largest players in the game, SUNTECH quickly established their presence as a dominated force in solar power manufacturing. By the end of 2005, SUNTECH had listed on the US stock exchange as a publicly listed company. In 2009, SUNTECH broke world records for it’s “pluto” solar cell efficiencies. In 2013, SUNTECH struggled and was acquired by Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited.

SUNTECH solar panels soldering
Hand-soldering solar cells at a SUNTECH factory.

What’s Good About SUNTECH Solar Panels?

SUNTECH have a fair few things going for them. Their previous market dominance and sheer size, combined with their well-known brand make them feel like a good choice. The price of these panels is pretty decent comparatively and they have good experience in the field with loads of projects under their belt. Their independent test results weren’t great in Photon 2012 or 2013. They have, however, been very active in research – working with UNSW on solar cell and module design efficiency.

  • Huge company
  • Great R & D capabilities
  • Low price
  • Anti-PID panels
  • Enormous solar power experience
SUNTECH solar panels factory
Some factory workers at SUNTECH manufacturing plant.

What’s Not So Good About SUNTECH Solar Panels?

OK, well for a start, their Photon test results were pretty tragic. Secondly, a company which has “nearly” gone bankrupt in the past could be an indicator that they don’t have their focus on the right areas. Their temperature coefficient is not great and although the SUNTECH solar panels datasheet claims “industry-leading” warranties, it appears they just offer the standard 10, 25 “linear” warranties.

So Should You Buy SUNTECH?

Well that’s your decision to make. I would say there are definitely better performers in the Photon test. There are also other companies with big brand presence and loads of experience. Have a look at some of our other solar panel reviews here.

Download the SUNTECH solar panels (poly) datasheet

Visit the SUNTECH website

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