JFY Wifi Plug Solar Monitor Review

JFY Wifi Plug

The JFY Wifi Plug is something that every solar inverter NEEDS. Like its solar dog cousin, the JFY Wifi Plug monitors your solar. The good thing about this little unit though, is that it hooks right into the internet to upload your data. It can store tonnes of data. Also, you can view your solar … Read moreJFY Wifi Plug Solar Monitor Review

JFY Inverter Review

Suntree JFY Inverter

How does the JFY inverter stack up against the rest? Well so far, we’ve had a look at many different inverters including SMA, Aurora, CMS and Growatt. JFY is another Chinese inverter manufacturer. The big point to notice about this company though is it’s history as an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) company. This is a HUGE … Read moreJFY Inverter Review