Tesla Powerwall Review

tesla powerwall review

In this Tesla Powerwall review we’ll aim to give an accurate account of what this new unit will mean for the average Joe in Australia (and around the world). The world will move to self-storage methods. This much is almost unanimously agreed among energy experts. The question is, will the Tesla Powerwall be the “game-changer” … Read moreTesla Powerwall Review

Fronius Inverter Review

In this Fronius inverter review we’ll go through some of the features of Fronius inverters. We’ll also take a look at the company’s rep and performance in any independent tests. Fronius Inverters Overview Fronius is a German, wait! Austrian company with a pretty decent history. Their original product focus was on battery chargers & welder … Read moreFronius Inverter Review

JFY SUNSEED Inverters With Reactive Power Control

JFY SUNSEED Inverters under development at their Chinese headquarters

JFY are a truly advanced inverter company. With a background in UPS systems, it’s no wonder their newest JFY “SUNSEED” inverters are being brought in to tackle compliance changes. ENERGEX recently announced some changes to solar power systems as of July 1, 2014. Some of the changes were postponed to January 1, 2015. Reactive power … Read moreJFY SUNSEED Inverters With Reactive Power Control

3 of the Worst Solar Inverters

worst solar inverters on fire

Shock, horror! Now before reading our opinions on the worst solar inverters just know – this is just the expressed opinion of the author. We all know solar inverters are an important part of a solar power system. What do they do? Well, if you don’t quite know how a solar power system works then here’s … Read more3 of the Worst Solar Inverters

JFY Inverter Review

Suntree JFY Inverter

How does the JFY inverter stack up against the rest? Well so far, we’ve had a look at many different inverters including SMA, Aurora, CMS and Growatt. JFY is another Chinese inverter manufacturer. The big point to notice about this company though is it’s history as an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) company. This is a HUGE … Read moreJFY Inverter Review

Aurora Inverter Review (Also Known As ABB)

Aurora Inverter Factory

This Aurora inverter review (now known as ABB inverters) looks at the good ol’ Power-One Aurora (ABB) Inverter. This little Italian beauty has had a rep in the solar industry as a “premium” inverter for more than 5 years. Whenever I think of Aurora though, 2 things spring to mind: Back in my days as a … Read moreAurora Inverter Review (Also Known As ABB)

Micro Inverters VS Central Inverters

micro inverter by solarbridge

Micro inverters are arriving and they are getting quite good. Which is better; micro inverters or good ol’ central string? Let’s compare between the 2 with no bias — just facts. Why Central Inverters Are Good Central inverters have been around for a long time. There has been lots of  time to improve these, to … Read moreMicro Inverters VS Central Inverters

The Best Solar Inverter

sma the best solar inverter

What is the best solar inverter? What makes an inverter good anyway and why is one better than another? Let’s take a look at it in a little more detail. What makes an inverter “the best solar inverter”? Power from solar panels can’t be used directly. Most home appliances work on AC power. But panels … Read moreThe Best Solar Inverter