JFY Wifi Plug Solar Monitor Review

JFY Wifi Plug

The JFY Wifi Plug is something that every solar inverter NEEDS. Like its solar dog cousin, the JFY Wifi Plug monitors your solar. The good thing about this little unit though, is that it hooks right into the internet to upload your data. It can store tonnes of data. Also, you can view your solar … Read moreJFY Wifi Plug Solar Monitor Review

Enphase Micro Inverters – M250 Review

enphase micro inverters

The Enphase micro inverter… It’s one of the leading micro inverter brands on the market and it’s been around for quite a while now. Enphase have been quite successful in the US, although apparently still haven’t turned a profit! They were one of the fastest growing companies in the US in the tech sector according … Read moreEnphase Micro Inverters – M250 Review

JFY Inverter Remote Solar Monitoring

JFY Remote Solar Monitoring Wifi Kit

Remote solar monitoring is becoming very important. If your system isn’t working and you don’t know about it, it can cost you big dollars. The JFY Solar Dog Monitor is one way to keep your eye on how the solar’s doing. But if you want something a bit more thorough… Or if you want to … Read moreJFY Inverter Remote Solar Monitoring

SMA Sunny Home Manager Review

SMA Sunny Home Manager package

SMA comes up with a lot of seriously good stuff. The Sunny Home Manager is one of them. It brings home solar monitoring to a whole new level and will likely change the game in Australia. This is the SMA Sunny Home Manager Datasheet Want to buy an SMA Sunny Home Manager (sockets & meter … Read moreSMA Sunny Home Manager Review